A spotlight life purpose or a spotlight gift marking — what’s the difference?

With all the conversation I’ve been having lately with clients around being called to spotlight — and usually feeling darned reluctant about it (if this is you, better read to the end of this) — one question keeps coming up:

What’s the difference between having a spotlight Life Purpose marking and a spotlight Gift Marking?

Let me explain.

In hand analysis terms, there two primary markings that show you have a “call to the spotlight” — meaning that you must express yourself to your audience and receive their applause, approval, and appreciation in exchange for sharing your work with them: a Star of Apollo gift marking and a Right Apollo Life Purpose.

Star of Apollo Gift Marking

The first is the Star of Apollo gift marking — a small asterisk on your palm on either hand, right below your ring finger — that tells us you have a gift for “Fame and Fortune in the Arts,” or being paid and being seen for your artistic expression.

With an Apollo Star, if you aren’t doing your spotlight work, the Universe has something to say about that and gives you a good swift kick in the butt in the form of “tomato fears” —  aka creative apathy, creative confusion, and creative blocks.

The solution? Do your spotlight work.

Right Apollo Life Purpose

The second is a “Creative Expression in the Spotlight” Life Purpose marking — a high ranking finger print on your right ring finger — meaning that in order to fulfill your life purpose, you must creatively express yourself to your audience.

With a life purpose marking, it is a required part of your life purpose fulfillment.

In other words, you won’t feel satisfied and you won’t have fulfilled your life purpose until or unless you have an audience to whom you are expressing yourself creatively. People with an Apollo purpose MAY have challenges with tomato fears if they are not pursuing their life purpose and/or are falling into their life lesson.

The solution? Do your spotlight work.

The bottom line

They both matter.

They both count.

Gift markings can go away IF you do “enough” of the work.

Life purpose markings NEVER, ever change.

Therefore, in some ways, you can say that a life purpose calling is more powerful because you will never feel fulfilled until you are expressing to your audience.

On the other hand, the gift marking has a certain kind of urgency to it too — don’t do it, and pay the price. In some ways it’s harder for people who have it as a gift marking than it is for people who have it as a purpose marking because of the penalty.

If you are called to the spotlight and you aren’t doing it, you are going to feel unfulfilled, stuck, confused, spinning in circles, lost, and apathetic.

At the end of the day, one way or another, you need to do your spotlight work.

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  1. Jen Liff says:

    Thanks for the info, Jenna! I love it! It was very helpful for me; now I see the difference.

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