Your Writing Adventure Begins Here.

When you’re longing for more time for your book or script — sometimes you just have to dive in.

Unless you’re a professional writer with nothing to do but put words on the page, you’re most likely longing for more time to write. Perhaps you’re even writing every day but it never quite feels like enough. You want more. More time, more writing, more depth, and more connection with your work.

That “fantasy” doesn’t have to wait until you can afford a writing retreat or log cabin.

During the Project Deep Dive two-week writing intensive, you’ll carve out time just for you and your writing. Before we even hit the “Go” button for the intensive, we’ll help you make the time and space in your schedule and your life to dive deep into your writing. Then it’ll just be you and the page, plus lots of support to keep showing up.

Just Think About What You Can Accomplish With Two Weeks of Focused Daily Writing

The Deep Dive is an incredible opportunity to focus deeply on one project.

In two weeks of focused writing, you could:


  • Make the final push to get your book done and out into the world.
  • Deeply outline and develop a story to write — which could be great prep for NaNoWriMo.
  • Write a lightning draft of a script.
  • Make massive progress on a book you’ve been stalling out on.
  • Rewrite an entire screenplay.
  • Feel great about giving your writing serious attention with the support of other writers doing the same.

Here's What's Included In the Deep Dive

Here’s everything I’ve included in Project Deep Dive to help you write more. Now.

You may notice… there’s a LOT. This is because I want you to have tons of resources at your disposal when you need them. You don’t have to participate in every call, chat, or sprint… but they’ll be there, like a net to catch you, if you feel your resolve faltering at all. And you’ll find that the community and group energy will help you keep on writing all the way through to the end, because we’ll be in it together.

Two Weeks of Focused, Daily Writing

Go deep AND stay at home. :) 

Together we’ll set aside two weeks for serious writing. You’ll commit to writing for at least an hour each day, and you’ll set your own project-specific goals that you want to reach. This intensive will work for you whether you’re working on story development or book outlining, crafting new words, or revising a manuscript you’ve been meaning to get to.


Join us for the Clear the Decks Teleconference Call

Pre-Program Prep Call: Clear the Decks

An inspirational coaching call to help you prep for your deep dive.

Before the program even officially starts, I’ll hold a free live call to help you clear the decks and make space for our writing immersion over the coming two weeks. I’ll walk you through brainstorming what YOU need to take care of in advance so you can focus completely and intently on your writing.


Join us for the Clear the Decks Teleconference Call

A Goal Setting Extravaganza

We’ll get crystal clear before we start.

One week before we start, we’ll have a Goal Setting Extravaganza Call to help each of us make the most of our writing intensive by setting sharp goals, getting clear on our Why’s, and making sure we have achievable timelines to get us into gear. I’ll lead us through a collection of exercises to help us get crystal clear on what we’re doing in the two weeks ahead.

Goal setting

A Deep Dive Kick Off Call

A live Kick Off Call to get the ball rolling.

The day before our two weeks kicks into gear, we’ll have a Kick Off Call to help each of us make the most of our writing intensive by getting revved up to write, answering any questions, and handling any other challenges that might be coming up (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or otherwise!). I’ll go over everything you need to know about making the most of Project Deep Dive.

Goal setting

A Central Online Gathering Place to Meet Up with Your Fellow Deep Divers

Community and support will see you through.

When you’re writing your booty off, and facing down the hordes of writing demons, there’s nothing quite like having the support of other writers who are threading the same gauntlet. We’ll gather online in a private online group to connect, check in, and support each other. We’re keeping this super-streamlined and simple, so you can focus primarily on your writing, but still have the camaraderie you need to keep on writing.

Connect with your fellow Project Deep Dive writers online in our private Slack channel.

DAILY Live, Online, Coach-Led Sprints to Strengthen Your Writing Energy

Get your writing mojo in the flow.

EVERY DAY for the duration of the intensive, I and my Called to Write Coaching Circle coaches will be leading live group writing sprints in our online chat room. While you can certainly write on your own, getting the boost of energy from knowing that others are writing alongside you is an incredible way to power up your writing sessions.

Get a writing boost of energy with our daily group writing sprints.

Weekly Group Coaching Conference Call Sessions

Guidance from an experienced writing habit and motivation coach
(That would be yours truly!).

Once a week you’ll have the chance to get live personal support from me (other than what you’ll already be receiving in our private online group) on our live Monday teleconference Coaching Calls. These calls will give you the opportunity to get the specific support YOU need to help you keep writing and work out any kinks that might be coming up for you.


Coach support

"Ask the Coach" Live Chats

Tune in to our Live Chats for an extra boost of support.

Every Wednesday and Friday over the course of the intensive (four chats in total), I’ll be in our private online group, live in our private chat room, answering questions and helping you fine tune your writing plan. Writers have loved popping in and out of the chat to ask quick questions and get back to work. Plus, I’ll archive the chat transcript on our private site, so you’ll be able to quickly review it and see if there’s anything you’ve missed.


live chats

The Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the program so you can mark the dates and times in your calendar right now. Note that we’re offering our calls and chats at the same time of day (11 a.m. Pacific Time) in order to accommodate Deep Divers both in the U.S. and abroad. It’s okay if you can’t make every call or chat — everything will be recorded or archived.

Project Deep Dive Writing Intensive

Two weeks of daily writing from September 21st to October 4th.


DAILY 60-Minute Writing Sprints

9 a.m. Pacific Time including weekends, September 21 to October 4.

Live TeleConference Calls

Calls take place on a conference line call-in system. Regular long distance phone charges may apply. All held at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

  • Pre-Program Prep Call: Clear the Decks (open to the public), September 6th
  • Pre-Program Prep Call: Goal Setting Call, September 13th
  • Kick Off Call, September 20th
  • Coaching Calls, September 25th & October 2nd
  • Celebration & Completion Call, October 5th

“Ask the Coach” Live Chats

Chats take place in our private Deep Dive chat room. All held at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

  • Friday, September 22nd
  • Wednesday, September 27th
  • Friday, September 29th
  • Wednesday, October 4th

Is This Program a Good Fit For You?

This program will likely be a good fit for you if:

  • You have one clear, specific project you want to work on, whether it’s new writing, development, or revision.
  • You’re willing to do what it takes to clear the decks for your writing for these two weeks.
  • You’ve already been writing regularly but you’re wanting more.
  • You’re relatively comfortable with technology (we are meeting online after all).
  • You’re eager and ready to make massive amounts of progress in a short period of time.

This program may not be a good fit for you if:

  • You want to write but you can’t pick a project to focus on. (This can help.)
  • You’re struggling to write at all (though sometimes diving deep can be just the ticket to break that cycle, so this is individual).
  • You have a hard time with new technology. We’ll be glad to help you any way we can with the technology, but since this is a fast paced program it may feel frustrating to try to keep up.
  • You’re dealing with past creative wounds, story angst, or a big walloping case of resistance. (Coaching may be a better bet.)

If you’re not sure where you fall, let’s talk! You can reach out to me for a private chat, and I’ll be more than happy to help you assess whether or not this program is a good fit for you at this point in time.

Your Commitment... And Mine.

Your commitment: You’ll to commit to writing for a minimum of one hour per day, ideally between 90 minutes and 2 hours per day (more if you like). You’ll accrue that time on only ONE writing project, and you’ll do super-short check-ins twice a day on our private site and briefly support and cheer on your fellow Deep Divers.


My commitment: To write furiously alongside you and support you compassionately and relentlessly along the way. I’ll coach you through the challenges and the ups and downs. I’ll provide structure, containers for your writing, coaching for when you struggle, and accountability to help you see it through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Project Deep Dive, just for you.


Got another question that’s not answered here? Just ask!

Will this program be a good fit if I'm working on a revision?

If you’re revising a book, novel, screenplay, or other writing project, you’re more than welcome here. We’ll help you set goals that are specific to YOU and your project, not an artificial external goal that doesn’t fit for you. For a revision, you’ll want to identify a specific set of tasks you’re aiming to accomplish during our two week time period, and set up a flexible schedule to help you meet them. I’ll talk more about this on our Goal Setting Call.

Will this program be a good fit if I'm working on story development or outlining?

Absolutely. In fact, this is a perfect chunk of time to work on story development for a new novel or script, or to develop an outline for a book. Whether you’re simply starting a new project or planning on participating in NaNoWriMo in November, preparing in advance will help you make the most of your writing time once you’re ready to craft new words.

Will I be submitting my work and receiving feedback and coaching on my writing?

Actually, no. :) This intensive is about YOU doing the writing and getting support from us to make sure it happens. You won’t be submitting your work, and we won’t be giving you feedback on it. If you want private coaching in addition to what the intensive offers, I’d be happy to work with you 1:1.

What's the difference between the Writer's Coaching Circle and Project Deep Dive?

You can compare the Called to Write Coaching Circle to a marathon, and Project Deep Dive to a fast, short sprint. In the Circle, we’re focused on the long haul — writing daily, year round. This intensive is a short term, high intensity writing “workout” by comparison. You’re more than welcome to participant in both the Circle and the Intensive at the same time, and in fact, Circle members are entitled to a special rate for Project Deep Dive (so be sure to check with us if you’re a current Circle member for your savings before you register).

Where will our private online group be located?

We have a private online group on a community platform called Mighty Networks. It has all the capabilities we need to track events, schedule chats, and interact with and support each other. We’re thrilled to be working with this easy-to-use platform especially for this program.

For our writing sprints, we’ll be joining up with my Called to Write Coaching Circle members over in our private chat room on, so we will be meeting in two places over the course of the intensive.

If I can't make the call / sprint / chat times, can I still participate?

Absolutely! This program is primarily a round-the-clock kind of deal. We’ll all be participating in our private online group, which will be there 24/7. So even if you can’t be there for certain scheduled events, you’ll still benefit from putting the focus on your writing for the two weeks of the intensive and getting support to make that happen.

Can you change the times so they work better for my schedule?

I wish I could! I’d love to figure out a way to run a program that works for people’s schedules in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia all at once, but I can’t. My solution is to a schedule that works well for people across multiple countries, and which also works for my own busy family life. We make sure to record all the live calls, so you can easily listen to them at your convenience (and save them for the future), and we also invite you to submit questions in advance so I can answer them on the calls and you can hear the answers on the recording. We’ll also archive the chat history from our “Ask the Coach” chats, so you can also submit questions for those in advance as well, and also read over the chat history after the fact. So the truth is, you won’t miss anything!

Can I do writing sprints at other times?

Absolutely. If you want more sprint time or can’t make the official sprint schedule, you’re welcome to do additional writing sprints on your own at any time. Sometimes our writers even like to run them for other participants too. A writing sprint is simply designed to help you write for a focused period of time. It’s amazing to write with others because it boosts our concentration, but it’s perfectly okay to do your own writing sprints too.

Isn't this a lot? How will I get my writing done if I'm participating in all these calls and chats?

It IS a lot. I’ve deliberately created a program with tons of support. The beauty of it is that you only need to use what works best for you. Love the sprints but not the calls? No problem, sprint away! Can’t make the sprint schedule or prefer writing on your own timetable? Great! Do what works for you, and reach out through one of the many channels I’m providing when or if you need support.

Registration Closes September 19th








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When you register, we’ll send you everything you need to participate in the Deep Dive. You can choose from the upfront payment (saves $47) or payment plan options to register now.

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What You’ll Love About Project Deep Dive

  • Total writing immersion for two solid weeks, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Support, enthusiasm, compassion, community, and camaraderie from your fellow Deep Divers.
  • Massive amounts of progress in a short period of time.
  • Expert coaching, endless support, and compassionate accountability from an experienced writing coach.
  • Tons of fun being online with your fellow writers!

Our Super Simple Guarantee

If you join Project Deep Dive and find that it’s not the right fit for you, just get in touch with us within the first three days of the program — no later than 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday, September 23rd — by emailing us at and we’ll refund you promptly and remove you from the program, no questions asked.

What Would You LOVE To Accomplish With Your Writing in Two Weeks?

“I worked through major revisions of four chapters of my book.”

“The Deep Dive helped me move my novel revision along in a faster, more structured way. I worked through major revisions of four chapters of my book during the intensive and have now completed Part 5 of my novel, something I knew I would have to stretch to accomplish. Before the Deep Dive, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed by how I could complete this book revision in a timely way, but now I know that with focused stretches of writing time, I can make it happen. The intensive helped me have breakthroughs around goal-setting and making time for writing. Jenna is a pro at creating a program and environment that stretch you while also providing lots of support and coaching.”

Rebecca Brams

Berkeley, California

“I developed characters and plot lines and set up a rough outline for the story.”

“Participating in Jenna’s Deep Dive Intensive gave me the opportunity to turn up the heat on the idea for a novel that had been simmering on a back burner for years. By joining Jenna’s Intensive I was able to admit to myself (and my fellow Deep Divers) how important this project is to me and that it deserves my time and attention. During the Intensive I developed characters and plot lines and set up a rough outline for the story. Because I had the support to return to the novel every day, and sometimes more than once a day, for a set period of time, I made more progress than I’ve ever made.

“By the end of the Intensive, I not only had a structure for the novel laid out and ready to go, I had reaffirmed my desire to write fiction, and have been doing just that ever since. Jenna is not only a gifted and experienced coach, she is also a working writer. She participates right along with us in the Intensive and understands the fears and doubts we face when we open that computer file or take out the notebook. Jenna is the perfect facilitator for a program such as this one!”

Mary Montanye

Yachats, OR

Registration Closes September 19th








Register Here

Register in Full for $497

Payment Plan

Or if you prefer, you can sign up with our payment plan option:

4 Payments of $136