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January Events

Starting 2022 Writing Strong

January 4

Join the Called to Write coaching community and attend our kickoff event for the month’s theme, STARTING 2022 WRITING STRONG, and get all the support, coaching, and camaraderie you need to make the most of your writing in 2022.

Receive access to all our free-for-members events including daily writing sprints, coaching events, and more.

Free for Called to Write members. Writers may join at any time, all writers are welcome.

Additional member Zoom coaching events on January 11, 18, and 25.


11:30 a.m. Pacific Time

Online Zoom Event @ Called to Write

Deep Dive Writing Intensive

January 2022

A Deep Dive Writing Intensive … is a chance to focus deeply on one writing project

… from the comfort of your own home

… with tons of support, coaching, & accountability

… alongside like-minded, focused writers like you!

Two weeks. You + writing + support = massive progress on your book or script.

Prep: January 3 to 9
Dive: January 10 to 23
Resurface: January 24

Story Craft Q&A with Jeff Lyons 

January 27

Jeff Lyons, the founder of StoryGeeks, is an author, screenwriter, and story development consultant with more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing and entertainment industries. His writing has appeared in Writer’s Digest Magazine, Script Magazine, The Writer Magazine, and Writing Magazine (UK). He has two books on story development published through Focal Press/Routledge.

Jeff joins Called to Write on a monthly basis to talk story craft, story development, premise lines, and more. Find out how to keep the middle of your story from being mushy!

Free for Called to Write members. Writers may join at any time, all writers are welcome.


1:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Online Zoom Event @ Called to Write

Fitting Writing Into Your Life

January 27

Online course at Script University.

If you aren’t making progress on your screenplay, or you feel blocked every time you sit down to write, it’s time to break the chain of unproductive writing.

In this week-long intensive at Script University, you’ll first watch and discuss (via discussion boards) a three-part video lecture exploring 10 habits and techniques that will keep your writing schedule consistent and productive. I provide coaching and support during this intensive.

I provide feedback on weekly assignments and course discussions.


One Week Intensive

Online Course at Script University

February Events

Construct Compelling Characters 

February 3

Online course at Script University.

In this course offered through Script University, via online lectures, supplemental readings, video clips, and written assignments and exercises, we’ll consider how character affects all other aspects of story, including plot, theme, and structure, how to build a protagonist with whom the audience identifies, the necessity of empathy and sympathy in crafting character, and how a character’s own shortcomings allow for these, how to both use and play against character types and tropes, the relationship between character arc and plot arcand more.

I provide feedback on weekly assignments and course discussions.


Two Week Intensive

Online Course at Script University

March Events

Fulfilling the Call to Write:

Overcome Procrastination & Self-Doubt
and Do What You Were Put Here to Do

March 5

We are the heroes of our own writing journey. In order to fulfill our call to write, we must face and overcome many trials and anti-writing forces along the way: fears of criticism, success, and failure, self-doubt, resistance, procrastination, perfectionism, paralysis, and more. This session addresses writers at the practical day-to-day level, as well as at the higher spiritual level of calling, and inspires and guides writers to get out of their own way, keep writing even when the anti-writing “Big Bads” turn up, and make consistent writing happen in a professional, intentional way so we can get our books and scripts out into the world where they belong. Writers will leave feeling inspired and ready to write.


Online Zoom Event. 10:35 a.m. PT

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