Five Imaginary Lives? A Taste of the Artist’s Way

A Taste of The Artist’s Way

Watch this video for a quick taste of The Artist’s Way (less than 3 minutes):

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I’m Doing Something RADICAL.

I want my Artist’s Way Accountability & Support Group to HAPPEN — I know how powerful it will be in helping you unleash your creativity and take it to the next level, whether you’re just getting started or you’re wanting to just get back into the creative flow. But I need to have a minimum group to have the energy and momentum a group like this requires as well as a certain level of income to justify the time I spend on the project… We’ve got a nice core group formed but we need more folks to make it a go.

Pay What You Can — Make Me An Offer

SO, to that end, if you’re interested in participating but can’t invest in the program at the full registration fee, make me an offer about what WILL work for you. I don’t do trades or barters, but I will consider all serious offers submitted. If I am unable to accept your offer, I’ll let you know in writing as soon as possible. If I accept your offer, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for it or you can contact us with your payment information by phone.

How to Receive a Copy of the Book as a Gift

As a special bonus for those of you who register at the full fee for the course, I’ll send you a free copy of the book. If you already have one, let me know and I’ll find another treat to send your way as my gift and thank you to you.

Register here:

You’re also welcome to post questions in the comments section below. Plus — share with me your answer: If you had 5 imaginary lives, what would they be?

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  1. A musician(singer, guitar player); an actor (love scene study); a part time writer (loved this at college);a creative marketing/management partner in some kind of business(unclear which);a librarian(love the smell of books)

  2. A gypsy that could look at you and tell you everything about you.
    A powerful native shaman/ medicine woman that can heal any aliment and communicate with nature spirits.
    A princess who’s heart is of gold, she is loves all from the purist place, and lives amongst loving and protective family in a beautiful palace hidden from the world, filled with magical delicious foods, crystals, bright colors, flowers, music, dancing and tranquility. Her only desire is to bring others joy, wellness and love.
    A world known and loved spiritual philosopher and spiritual “master”.
    A world known and loved Dancer and Singer, a true legend that will open a dance school and teach dance and creativity until age 90 only to relax and enjoy time with her grandchildren and husband.

  3. Thank you for your video, Jenna! You are so sweet!
    I would say…. a gemologist, a singer with a donna lewis type voice, a motivational speaker, a spa/retreat or women’s workshop hostess including what I’m doing now with journaling art and spending time with women encouraging them and their artistic abilities, gotta add the spa comfort in there too whether its emotionally or tangibly or both!, intuitive touch medicine like angelic reiki for people and animals, and I know this is a sixth but: a ballerina (just for fun).

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