How to (really) live your life purpose

Life purpose is a Big Deal. It’s fabulous to know what it is, finally, but then what?

I’ve heard more than a few people say that knowing their life purpose feels like this huge thing they suddenly have to live up to, and it feels so far away and overwhelming. Plus, how do they even start to get there?

I’ve come to think of life purpose as something it takes your lifetime to master and grow toward. After all, if you were done, you’d be dead, right?

Therefore, I see it as something that we must move toward — and live — incrementally. It’s something that happens with one step after the other, moving toward a culmination — a critical mass even — of steps, actions, choices, and decisions that have us embracing a new destiny.

And LIVING your life purpose means taking those steps and making those choices on a daily basis to be in alignment with who you are here to be.

Making the Choices in the Moment

Here’s what I mean:

My own life purpose picture includes Success, Leadership, Family/Community and Mass Communications.

Yesterday, I received a somewhat jumbled email list of tasks from another parent to help our preschool dealing with the sudden death of one of their teachers. I was a little overwhelmed by it and was trying to figure out how and if I wanted to help. As I contemplated the list, it became clear to me that the reason I was overwhelmed was that there was no plan to get the results we wanted (success) and no clear authority leading the charge (leadership).

I thought, “This project needs a leader.” And then, “I’m a leader. I’ll do it.”

I checked with myself first to make sure I wasn’t just seeing a need and filling it, but consciously deciding how I wanted to participate so I didn’t fall into the School of Service trap of self-sacrifice. Then I went for it.

What was so fabulous about this was having an opportunity to use my organizational and online skills to create ways for our community to communicate, succeed at creating the outcomes we wanted, and to be a leader while doing so. And voilà, I was living my purpose.

Don’t Fall Into the “It’s Too Hard” Trap

Living your life purpose is about making the smaller choices on a daily basis and seeing them through. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to pull off the whole shebang at once. Yes, you’ll want to aim for that ultimate outcome of your purpose, but you’ll also want to be living it along the way.

A little bit at a time will be just fine, thank you very much.

Your Turn

What does this inspire for you? Let us know on the blog.



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  1. This is a perfect example of living your purpose — thanks for sharing!
    It inspires a sense of right-on-time-ness in me that I often forget to remember.
    Knowing my life’s purpose does create a certain sense of urgency in me from time to time.
    Next time it does, I’ll remember to lean into what’s happening that very moment.
    There will be a message in the overwhelm, methinks!

  2. I initially was involved with media for Occupy Dallas, as thing evolved it was necessary to operate remotely. Seeing a need for the occupations statewide to be united I put together OccupyTEXAS. Without much participation, and without the understanding the effort involved I had decide, today, to back away from it. Now reading you I see it will be worth the effort to continue giving of my time and talent to help things positively move forward. Thank you dear.

  3. Really great perspective on keeping things in proper perspective! As I’m settling into my new job, I’ll keep the message of your experience close at hand and hope to keep the lurking potential for overwhelm at bay. In fact, I’m going to choose a quote from your entry and post it on my new bulletin board! :) I very much appreciate this timely bit of wisdom.
    Btw- voila is so French!!
    Smiles and hugs from me to you!

    • Ah, Jen! You are the winner! I will send you a coupon for $50. Anything you’d like? :) A necklace perhaps??

      So glad you are using this as you settle into your new job.

  4. Jenna,
    I love the way you live so consciously, this has really inspired me over the years.
    You have turned being highly sensitive into a set of skills, and an art form, which I have learned from.

    I think we can make significant achievements if we don’t get overwhelmed by the moment but use our gifts, using our own comfort level as a guide.

    • Clare, so glad my living is inspiring to you! I wish I always felt as conscious as this; I do my best. :) Our comfort levels are wonderful guides, aren’t they?

  5. yes yes yes! I love this concrete example of getting down to the ‘daily’ work of actually living our life purpose which IS concurrent with LIVING IN THE MOMENT and is SUCH a helpful reminder for those of us who get so caught up in envisioning the BIG picture that perhaps we get lost in the details of the daily DOING that can ground that vision in reality. Really, isn’t this what we are all striving for- bringing our IDEALS down to EARTH? I know I am. Thank you for all that you share Jenna! I can’t wait to explore my life purpose more this year, both envisioning it and enACTing it. CREATE-A-VISION. Even better than Television! (Hey, I think I have a slogan! For what, I’m not sure, but there you go!) :)

  6. Jenna after being so sick for so long and basically home bound I decided to use the time to learn how to just Be. I am now getting out more, still have chronic pain but I live each day Being me and living my true purpose. I am not perfect so there are days that I fall short and revert back to feeling sorry for myself but when I am in the moment I always know that God/Goddess has my back. I am volunteering my time teaching disabled individuals how to live an empowered life. I am also gearing up to begin teaching my Golden Energy Healing Class. I do not do it for the money, though an exchange of energy must occur, I refuse to not teach life tools just because one can not afford it. I also keep the price down. So I do believe that at the low level I am living my Life Purpose at least 80% of the time. My goal for 2012 is to live it 100% of the time. I do welcome comments!
    Love and Light
    Hope this is what you were looking for, and BTW I do still have another book in my that I hope to start by February! I am open to comments. Love and Light

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