Discover Your Life Purpose and Get Back On Track With What You Were Put Here To Do

Work 1-to-1 with Jenna and find your Spiritual Master Plan: the “hidden” road map written right in the palms of your hands.

A massive unleashing of who you are meant to be in the world: Insight. Ah-has. Major breakthroughs. Astonishing accuracy. A deep, core validation of what you’ve secretly suspected all along.

Life Purpose Breakthrough Sessions are $500 for the printing kit (you must be in the United States), my analysis of your hands, a written summary report, and a live session of up to 75 minutes (with a recording). We work together on the phone. You send me ink prints of your hands in advance (we send you a printing kit). Before we’re on the phone together, I analyze your prints and compile a report of what I see in your hands, including:

  • Your Life Purpose: Exactly what it is that you were put here to do in this lifetime. You may be a Big Shot, here to take your big shot and make a big impact in the world. Or perhaps you are a Matriarch here to lead your family and community. Or an Author/Speaker with a message to share with the masses. You may even have a combination of several life purposes that make up your unique purpose. Your fingerprints, formed 5 months before you were born, will show us who you are meant to be in this world.
  • Your Life Lesson: The deep-seated repeating lesson you’re working with. This shows up as those wickedly sneaky smokescreens you fall into instead of doing your true work in the world (like getting confused, apathetic, powerless, or not believing in yourself). Understand them and you have the key to unlocking your purpose.
  • Your Life School: Your “school of life” or “spiritual boot camp.” This is the area of life where you’ll experience your Lesson and express your Purpose. Are you on the fence all the time? Afraid to commit to being a physical being? Struggling between self-sacrifice and self-indulgence? Vacilliating between emotional explosion and repression? Your Life School gives you the tools you need to conquer your lesson and master your purpose.
  • Your Core Fear: The deep seated fear that keeps you paralyzed and stuck in life. Simply understanding your core fear frees up your consciousness so you can directly address it. And move on.
  • Gift Markings: The gifts you are not yet sharing in the world at their full capacity and may be experiencing penalties for. You may be spinning in circles and shuffling papers because you haven’t yet learned to use the gifts of your Lines of Genius. Or perhaps you’re creating complicated relationship problems to solve with your massively underused HAL 9000 line. Or — heaven help us — you’re not having the sex life you deserve because you aren’t doing enough of your healing work in the world.

No, this isn’t palmistry.

This is a repeatable system of analysis based on the International Institute of Hand Analysis’s system of assessing Life Purpose, Lesson, and School, to reveal the valuable information encoded on your palms and in your fingerprints.

And it will blow. your. mind.

BronwynBronwyn Talks About Her Experience With Hand Analysis


How It Works

To prepare for your hand analysis session, we’ll send you a hand printing kit so you can make ink prints of your hands for my review.

Here’s how you’ll do it:


What’s Included

  • A Hand Reading and Printing Kit. We’ll send you a hand printing kit and contract in the mail for you to print your hands and send back to me.
  • A 75-minute private “Life Purpose Breakthrough Session” with me. We’ll schedule a time for us to talk by phone together for a session.
  • An MP3 recording of your session. You’ll receive an MP3 recording of the session within 24 to 48 hours of our session.
  • A Summary Report of Your Results. You’ll receive a personalized summary report of your results.

You will leave our session with a powerful new perspective on who you are and what you were put here to do, and it will put you back on the road to living, working, breathing and doing your true work in the world.


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Skeptical? Questions?

Check out this video about why I love hand analysis and my answers to a client who later booked (and loved) his Life Purpose Breakthrough Session:

Appreciation from Clients

Grace“As you showed me what’s written on my own hands, layer after layer of fears and excuses floated away.”

“Yikes! No more hiding. As you showed me what’s written on my own hands, layer after layer of fears and excuses floated away, revealing a core of certainty that now steers me true. Without our session, my inner conviction would’ve been a ghost of what it is now. Since our session, pieces keep falling into place. I’m calm and focused and excited all at once. I know my story. Thank you so much for reading me to myself.” ~ Grace Kerina,

Having the tangible evidence that’s there in my hands gave me solid proof of what my gut had been telling me all along.”

“The Hand Analysis reading that I had with Jenna was received at a time in my life that I believe it was meant to – the results were powerfully resonant, so much so that my life’s purpose screamed to be lived! A tremendous confluence of awarenesses came to me shortly after my reading that made it very clear what I must do to live my life fully, purposefully. Only three months after my reading, I launched my new business, and now have a growing clientele and continue to learn and grow personally in ways I’d previously thought not possible. Having the tangible evidence that’s there in my hands gave me enough solid proof that what my gut had been telling me all along was right: Stop playing small, you’re here to make a big difference! Now, get out there and do it!! The Hand Analysis and Life Purpose Breakthrough work gave me just the jump-start that I needed. I’m eternally grateful to you, Jenna!” ~ Lydia Puhak, Sensitive Idealist, Mentor, and Transformative Coach,

“During my hand print reading… Everything Jenna said felt true to my experience yet surprising and deeply insightful.”

“When I hear something that resonates with my inner being I get shivers through my body. During my hand print reading with Jenna last night I had dozens of shivers. Everything she said felt true to my experience yet surprising and deeply insightful. This was the exact right time for me to receive this information. I feel excited and inspired by the clarity and new paths that feel available to me now.” ~ Sherris Cottier Shank, Gem Carver,

“… the inspiration and clarity of the reading, along with your keen intuition, has helped empower me in better embracing my soul’s life purpose.”

“I have been sitting with the awe of the accuracy and enlightenment your fingerprint analysis has brought me! The validation and relief, as well as the inspiration and clarity of the reading, along with your keen intuition, has helped empower me in better embracing my soul’s life purpose. A wonderful gift and icing on the delicious cake I have been savoring in your course – thank you for your sacred work and gift of love!” ~ Helena Himani Das, Managing Animals Naturally, Inc.

“I was amazed at the accuracy of my hand analysis with Jenna.”

“I was amazed at the accuracy of my hand analysis with Jenna. It really was uncanny how the reading mirrored me exactly! I’m moving in new directions now, and the timing of my hand reading was exactly right — it highlighted the major issues I’m dealing with and pointed out some I hadn’t identified yet. Knowing I am in both the schools of Service and Peace, and my life lesson and life purpose, is incredibly valuable for me in taking my next step toward Authentic Work. A truly worthwhile experience.”~ Jill Winski, Perfectionists & Procrastinators Unbound

“I am opened to a future I look forward to meeting.”

“Thank you so much for the amazing hand reading! Huge WOW factor! The insight you provided during the reading is profound and it will take a while to process and integrate the information. What an amazing gift to know what I’m here to do and to learn. Much of what you revealed to me hit home because it represents ongoing issues in my life. Now, instead of feeling frustrated by those issues, I feel grateful and have a whole new perspective. Another life-changing aspect for me is validation of inklings I felt years ago but had buried. I’m motivated to re-kindle some of those inklings and motivated to work through the fears that prevented me from realizing some pretty wonderful aspects of myself. I am opened to a future I look forward to meeting. Jenna, you are a gift!!!” ~ Jennifer Chisel, Reno, NV

“It’s like a map, an easy to follow map when I get off track.”

“I am a curious person and so when I am offered a new way of looking at myself, I usually try it out. The hand analysis I received from you actually synthesized many of the things I already knew, and gave me strategies for using my gifts and avoiding the penalties of not using them. It’s all coming together. I’m kind of freaked out about this. So, it’s a good thing you gave me strategies. There have been like 3 things that I have had a sneaking suspicions about that you just nailed. Now I know what to work on and that is a relief. It’s like a map, an easy to follow map when I get off track.” ~ Miriam Ortiz Y Pino, Organizer,

“One of the most effortless and deeply insightful processes I’ve gone through.”

I am amazed at how there is SO MUCH WISDOM within something so small and subtle as our fingerprints. It reaffirmed a lot I already knew about myself, but also pinpointed things I really need to pay attention to and magnify. Afterward, I spent a 4-day weekend absorbing & processing EVERYTHING. I journaled like crazy, wrote up 5 things I want to focus on, got 2 new books, and cranked out new content for my website/company I had wanted to build. For someone considering taking this course, there is no considering needed… it’s a MUST. It was one of the most effortless and deeply insightful processes I’ve gone through, and I’ve gone through MANY of them. Jenna is absolutely genuine, real, compassionate, and full of the right dosage of being intuitive for you and having wisdom for the whole group. As a coach who has coached others, I really enjoyed and appreciated the time I had with Jenna and am definitely wanting to work with her again.

Given the time you had to go over everything for 4 people, Jenna, you did an amazing job of being comprehensive and intuitive that was just right for the time we had. It was so so so nice to have someone who just “got me“…and that’s a true sign of a true intuitive :) I take my life purpose very seriously and have spent a lot of time honing it and trying to live it. But it’s time to really take it up a notch it and make it my FULL-TIME work. That is my vision and goal.
~ Lola Tsai, Vancouver, BC,