Missed the Writer’s Chat with Jeff Lyons? Fear no more!

My Writer’s Chat last night with guest speaker Jeff Lyons about premise line development was quite illuminating! I’m already inspired to go revisit all my current concepts with the “bells and whistles” test he taught us.

It was a great chat and we had a fun conversation with terrific questions from our listeners, which stirred up all kinds of interesting topics, like:

  • The “bells and whistles” test ​to help you get crystal clear on your story, right now.
  • How a premise line can hold a whole project together.
  • How a premise line can work for creative non-fiction projects (like memoirs), and why it’s so important to have one to guide and structure your project.
  • Drilling down to specific, tangible, external goals that work with “softer” character goals.
  • Which comes first... premise line development or writing?
  • How antagonists work in romantic stories.
  • And more!

If you’d like to listen to the recording, you can register for the Chat Series here: http://programs.calledtowrite.com/join-my-free-writers-chat and you’ll get access to the Archives right away.

You’ll also be notified about upcoming Writer’s Chats in the future, with me and other guest experts, all on the topic of writing, of course. :)


Work with Jeff on Your Premise Line

Jeff also has a special “Crash Course” in premise line work coming up later this month including getting one-on-one support for “hot seat” participants — I’ve included the details about it below, in case you’re interested. Note that there’s a special bonus when you sign up for the program by Wednesday, February 10th.

Jeff Lyons’ Online Premise Line “Crash Course”

“Anatomy of a Premise Line: 3 Week Crash Course”

Thursday, February 25, 2016 through Friday, March 18, 2016

Ready for the full-immersion premise experience? It’s one thing to read about writing a premise line and another one entirely to jump in and do it, with the help of an experienced professional at your side. If you’ve got a project you’re wanting to get off the ground or one that isn’t quite working yet, join Jeff for his three-week long “crash course” and develop your premise line with his step-by-step instruction and feedback. Given that your premise line can make or break your project, it’s time well spent. 

Jeff is teaching a three-week course on premise line development. It includes an online learning environment, twice-weekly video and chat sessions with Jeff where he’ll do live video-chat sessions with all hot-seat participants (Tier 1) for one-on-one work and review issues, premise lines, and answer questions, online feedback, email support, and class materials. Observer participants (Tier 2) get “fly on the wall” seats to observe all the one-to-one coaching Jeff provides.

The course work includes:

  • Step-by-step premise line development, implementing what you’ve learned here with the guidance of an experienced story consultant.
  • Jeff’s “Premise Testing Checklist”, which includes high concept testing. Just like any product your premise needs to be tested by consumers for feedback.
  • A review of the 7 Components of a High Concept, an instrumental tool in your sales and marketing of your writing project.
  • log line design and worksheet, a must-have when it comes to pitching entertainment industry gatekeepers.
  • An introduction to the synopsis writing process, which is a key deliverable for book agents, publishers, and production companies.
  • Unlimited access to all worksheets and templates for the program so you can use them over and over for all your writing projects.
  • Access to the powerpoint slides of all the lessons with examples, which includes more than 50 slides summarizing all the key concepts and examples in the class.

Bonuses: Participants will also receive a 50% off savings for your first session in my Called to Write Coaching Circle, so you’ll have all the support you need to take your project to the next level and to start writing! Current Coaching Circle members will receive a special, private “town hall” teleclass session with Jeff, just for us, instead of the 50% off coupon. Just let Jeff know you’re a Circle member when you sign up.

Early birds: Sign up by Wednesday, February 10th and you’ll receive a special bonus of Jeff’s “Visual Structure Workbook”, which will help you develop your premise line into a short synopsis, the next step to take after writing your premise line and log line.

Find out more and register here

Just to be clear — I’m not receiving any kickbacks or affiliate commissions or anything when you sign up for his program. Jeff and I just believe our programs have a natural fit together and believe in supporting each other. :) I have, however, included my Amazon affiliate link for his book, so if you buy it by clicking the link in this email, I’ll receive a small commission from Amazon.

Questions? Click here to ask my awesome team.

If the registration link above gives you any trouble, you can try http://calledtowrite.com/jeff.

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