Start 2017 Off Write!

Let's Start 2018 Off "Write"!

With the holidays behind us, now’s the perfect time to get clear on your writing vision and goals for the year ahead.

My online 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat on Friday, January 5th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m Pacific Time (with time off for “lunch”) will help you make 2018 a writing year to remember.

I've put together a powerful live online retreat for you.

With the December holidays ending, I know you’re already dreaming about all the delicious time in the New Year when everything has quieted down and you’ll be able to focus on your writing again. And it’s true, you can!

And — I see so many writers setting unrealistic and impractical goals for their writing and then feeling like failures at year’s end, vowing to do more and better in the new year.

What if you set attainable goals right now with a clear vision and intention to support them? Wouldn’t it feel great, going into 2018 with a workable plan to help you make your writing dreams for the year ahead come true?

I’m here to help you do that.

I’ve created a live 5-hour online Vision & Goals Retreat to help you make the most of the coming year.


Here's What I've Included in the 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat

During the 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the retreat materials and journal prompts designed to help you complete 2017 and get ready to make the most of 2018 with your writing — including setting actionable, achievable writing goals for 2018.

We’ll do the work TOGETHER, online, during the retreat, so by the end of our day together, you’ll be ready to move into 2018. 

Here’s what we’ll do together during the live online retreat:

Reflect on and Complete 2017

We’ll spend time reflecting on your writing life and career and the last year, so you feel complete about what you’ve done so far before mapping out where you’re going next.

Troubleshoot Your Most Common Writing Challenges

We’ll identify the writing patterns and challenges you tend to face so you can make effective plans for how you’ll manage them in the coming year.

Design the Daily Writing Experience You Want

We’ll tap into what you want for your writing life in terms of the day-to-day experience you’re wanting to create for yourself.

Bridge the Gap Between Now and Where You Want to Be

We’ll examine the gap between where you are now and where you want to go so you can make clear decisions about what to add and what to take away from your writing life to make it work better for you.

Give Voice to Your Writing Vision

We’ll focus on your vision for your writing career so you’re 100% clear about what you’re wanting — which will help you stay the course when the going gets tough.

Set Goals You Can Feel Great About

We’ll set attainable goals for your writing year so you’ll feel great about what you’ve accomplished at the end of 2018. Many writers inadvertently self-sabotage with their goal setting and I’ll help you make sure you set goals that work.

Create a Plan to Put Your Goals Into Action

We’ll craft a plan to make your writing happen so you identify the structures you need and want to ensure meeting your writing goals becomes your reality.

Here's What's Included With the Live Online Retreat...

The Ultimate Writer's Toolkit includes a Writer's Insight Journal in multiple formats for ease of use.

A Five-Hour Guided Live Retreat

I’ll lead you through the 2018 Writing Vision & Goals process during the live retreat.

This means two things: 1) You’ll have me available to coach you through any challenges that come up for you, and 2) You won’t have to do the work later on your own. Because many people invest in programs and never do the work, doing the work together and getting it done will save you hours of guilt and regret. :)

We’ll actually have 6 hours together, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Time but we’ll take time off for lunch, so we’ll end up with about 5 hours on the call together live.

Make 2017 Your Year to Write comes with a Journal and Guidebook

My "Make 2018 Your Year to Write" Guidebook & Journal

The writers who worked with my 2016 and 2017 Guidebooks were blown away at the clarity and insight they received about their writing plans and goals. You’ll receive the Guidebook, updated for 2018, along with a Workbook Journal in a PDF and Scrivener format for your use during the workshop and beyond.

The Toolkit also includes a set of prompts to help you design your writing schedule.

Access to Audio Recordings of the Live Sessions

On the off-chance you’re not able to attend the retreat live — or want to go back and listen to a particular section later — I’ll provide audio recordings for you to listen to after the fact. This is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything, or to refer back to something you want to delve into more deeply.

When you need guidance on your writing career trajectory, turn to your own inner wisdom through the Guided Writer's Visualization.

Special Bonus: A Guided Visualization

During the live retreat, I’ll lead us through a guided visualization to prepare us for the year ahead and beyond.

What You'll Love About the Vision & Goals Retreat


  • You’ll have tons of tools and support to make the most of your writing in 2018.
  • I’ll be right there with you in the live retreat to help you with any trouble spots or challenges along the way.
  • You’ll be working alongside other writers who face similar joys and issues, and feel reassured by their companionship.
  • You’ll “complete” 2017 in a safe context so you can begin 2018 with a fresh heart and clear mind (no guilt!).
  • You’ll have a clear sense of purpose about your future and direction as a writer.
  • You’ll walk away with solid writing goals and a plan to help you implement them.
  • You’ll begin 2018 feeling ready to write and focus.
  • You’ll feel better about yourself and your writing when you’re more intentional with your days and your goal-setting.

“This process helped me go through and fix where I had made mistakes and reflect on a deeper level about my writing life.”

“Thank you so much for the guidebook for setting writing goals for 2016. I had already mapped out my year, but this process helped me go through and fix where I had made mistakes and reflect on a deeper level about my writing life. I had mapped our my entire year before but when I took the time to go through your guide it took me deeper and clarified what I really wanted to accomplish. I was able to fix my too grandiose and unrealistic plan so that I have time for life to surprise me and still reach my goal.

Julie Dunleavy

Albuquerque, NM

“I’ve made real changes to my writing habit.”

“I’ve listened to a lot of guided visualizations in my time and I have to say, usually they make me really crazy. All fluff and clouds and fluffy clouds. I’m a pretty direct thinker — if I want a visualization about writing, I want to talk about writing, not streams and meadows.

“I really enjoyed this visualization. The pacing was awesome. I was able to really get into the space to do the thinking work. It was surprisingly efficient!

“The insights I got from doing this work were diverse. I realized I should be writing more with paper rather than always being attached to a screen. I realized I’d forgotten how helpful a Morning Pages ritual was. I realized I needed a dedicated space, always ready, no matter what. I realized I didn’t need so many pens!

“Thank you for making this, Jenna. I got a lot of real value out of it, and I’ve made real changes to my writing habit as a result. You rock, as always.”

Naomi Dunford

London, ON

“I’ve become truly productive and it affects the quality of everything else in my life as well.”

“Jenna helped me create a daily schedule that prioritizes everything that’s important to me, and is still flexible enough to appease my need to flow with each new day.

“The schedule we created puts my writing and spiritual practices front and center, and has become the foundation for everything I do in my life each day. I’ve become truly productive and it affects the quality of everything else in my life as well.”

Zara Shea

Wayne, PA

To Recap, Here's What's Included in the Holiday Special

The Live Five-Hour Retreat

With expert coaching from an experienced writing coach.

The 2018 Goals Guidebook & Workbook

For your use during the workshop and beyond.

Audio Recordings of the Live Retreat

Listen on your own time table or revisit your favorite parts of the workshops as you like!

Special Bonus: A Guided Visualization

To help with your vision and clarity for 2018.

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Start 2017 Off Write!

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When you register for my 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat, we’ll send you the teleconference information for the live retreat right away, and the Make 2018 Your Year to Write Guidebook & Journal Prompts before the live event.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about my 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat, just for you.

Got another question that’s not answered here? Just ask!

I don't live in your area, how can I attend the retreat?

No problem! The retreat is an online retreat, which means we’ll be meeting on a teleconference line. We’ll provide the call-in information in advance of the workshop, so all you have to do is be in a comfy place with a phone (or computer) to participate.

What time is the retreat in my time zone?

Confused about the time zone conversion? We can help. To get help finding the times for the retreat in your time zone, click this link for a handy event time listing. If you’re still confused, feel free to reach out to us for help!

I can't attend the live retreat, what should I do?

Easy-peasy! The content from the retreat is all in the Make 2018 Your Year to Write Guidebook, and I’ll also be providing recordings of the live retreat, so even if you miss it, you can still benefit from listening to the audio recordings of the other participants working through the material with me. You’ll find that there’s so much common ground with other writers that odds are, if you have a question, someone else will too.

What's the difference between this retreat and the workshop you held last year?

Good question. There are two primary differences.

First, this year we have more time. Last year we felt a little rushed with having three hours. This year, we have 6, including time for up to an hour for a lunch break (which I’ll aim to hold at 12 noon Pacific Time), so we’ll have about 5 hours to work through the content together and have time for some Q&A and coaching as well. 

Second, I’ve updated the content a bit. Not hugely, but I’m particularly making changes around the goal setting. I always learn, every year, more about what works and what doesn’t, from self-observing and from working with the writers in the Circle, and I’m updating that section accordingly. 

Should I join the retreat if I'm already part of the Called to Write Coaching Circle?

Definitely! This retreat is a great add-on to what we already do in the Circle and you’ll only benefit from getting extra support with your visioning and goal setting for the year ahead. Plus Circle members get a savings coupon for the retreat so be sure to ask for it if you don’t already have it. 

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Start 2017 Off Write!

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When you register for my 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreat, we’ll send you the teleconference information for the live retreat right away, and the Make 2018 Your Year to Write Guidebook & Journal Prompts before the live event.

Join my 2018 Writing Vision & Goals Retreatfor only $77 right now.