The Secret Magic of Your Life Lesson

On your quest to discover your Life Purpose, do not overlook the magic that is your Life Lesson.

Your Life Lesson Is What You Are Here to Teach

I firmly believe in the adage that “you teach what you are here to learn.”

Your Life Lesson is the perfect insight to exactly what it is that you’ve signed up to master in this lifetime.

The skills, knowledge, and training that you need to help you overcome your own bête noir will masterfully support you to help other people with their own struggles, whether you help them literally and directly as a teacher or through another means, like through your creative work and how that work affects and heals them.

Your Life Lesson can and should be a central part of your Right Work.

Use Your Life Lesson to Unlock Your Life Purpose

Understanding your Life Lesson is actually the secret key to “unlocking” your Life Purpose.

What does that mean, unlocking?

Each of us is born to a certain task — a certain way of being and taking action in the world. This is your Life Purpose — the Big Thing, that when fulfilled, puts you in a place of true alignment with yourself and your inner Essence.

Once you discover what that is, you can set out on a course of pursuing it, of making it a central theme in your life, and of organizing your Right Work around it.

But interestingly enough, you’ll find that your Life Lesson will keep cropping up along the way, tripping you up, causing challenges, and generally throwing you off course, but when you “exalt” your life lesson, which means that you treat it almost as if it is your life purpose, you’ll find that it can become your greatest ally.

In other words, you want to discover what the inverse of your life lesson would be, and do that.

Here’s an example:

Deborah‘s life lesson is “Time, Money, & Integrity Issues.” The exalted form of that lesson is to become a Businessperson.

Her life purpose is “Visionary Healer,” but in order to fully embrace and develop her vision and her healing ability, she will not only need to clean up her time, money, and integrity responsibilities, but she’ll ultimately also want to devote some energy to becoming a masterful businesswoman as well.

That’s when her visionary healing abilities will really take off.

Exalting your lesson is what truly allows you to embrace your life purpose.

Your Life Lesson Is Your Blind Spot

Anytime you find yourself faltering with achieving your purpose or your Big Dreams, look to your lesson.

Your life lesson is your blind spot. You won’t know you’re doing it to yourself unless you really learn to watch for the red flags and be alert to the signals that your life lesson is coming on.

Even advanced students of life are still working on their life lessons. (Remember what I said last time? If you were done, you’d be dead. :) )

Here are some general red flags for you:

  • What do you often like to say you’ve already solved or mastered? Big red flag. “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”
  • What do you find yourself getting pissed off at other people for? Again with the red flag. “You spot it, you got it.”
  • What repeated challenges do you find yourself bumping into again and again (and again)? Look carefully, there are variations on the theme that can LOOK like something else, but then wham, turns out it’s that same old thing. Another red flag. “Here we go again.”

Once you’ve had your hands analyzed, you’ll discover the specific red flags that show up for your particular life lesson (or combination of lessons), and you’ll be able to pinpoint it with an eagle eye, for ease of transformation.

Bottom line, remember the power and importance of your Life Lesson and how it can guide, impact, and unleash your life when given its proper due.

If finding your Life Purpose and Life Lesson interests you, I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming Life Purpose Breakthrough Groups or for a private hand analysis session.