Ask the Coach: Odds & Ends – On Script Mag

Welcome to the latest installment of my “Ask the Coach” column on Script Mag! This month I’m addressing a collection of shorter questions that haven’t quite warranted a full article but are useful nonetheless, from screenplay formatting to finding feedback for horror short stories, capitalizing nouns and proper nouns, and more! 
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the questions and choices and decisions we have to make as writers. The good news is that as you build a library of trusted resources, coming by those answers gets easier and easier over time. 
Read my responses to 5 reader questions and get a glimpse into the resources I turn to when I have writing-related questions, on Script Mag: 
Ask the Coach: Odds & Ends 
If you’ve got writing questions, please send them my way!
I’d love to answer them for you in my column.
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