Dig Deep, Write Brave – I’m Speaking at The Writing Brave Summit

I’m delighted to share that I’ll be a speaker at The Writing Brave Summit * hosted by Brooke Adams Law (author of Catchlight and founder of Writing Brave, a book coaching and publishing company). 

This virtual event focused on helping you channel the book that’s inside you runs from June 13th to 16th and is free to attend live.

Join the Summit to learn from expert speakers and industry leaders who will share their knowledge, experience, and insights on topics including:

  • Writing from your body + your heart, instead of solely from your head
  • Overcoming academic trauma and reclaiming the power of your voice
  • Creating powerful writing routines
  • Harnessing the power of your intuition in marketing
  • Trauma-informed writing
  • Making your life as an artist
  • And many more!

The summit will take place over four days and feature live and pre-recorded sessions. (My session is pre-recorded.) You’ll have the chance to connect with fellow writers and learn from some of the best in the craft.

It’s free if you want to attend all the sessions live (with a 24-hour replay); you can also elect to purchase the all-access pass, which means you get the recordings forever, plus lots of terrific bonuses, including exclusive offers from speakers. (I’m including my course Make This Your Year to Write as a free bonus for all-access pass ticket holders.)

Join us for the Writing Brave Summit * and take your writing to the next level.


* This is a referral link, which means I earn a 50% commission if you purchase after clicking, and which I appreciate very much. It helps me keep the writing ship afloat. :) 

The end of the world as we know it

I’ve been writing a lot about staying on course and listening to our own inner guidance about what we’re passionate about and called to take action on. Today’s post ventures a little father afield into a broader context I’m noticing for so many people right now: radically changing circumstances. Enjoy.

I’ve been interested in the idea of the world “ending” in 2012. Curious, waiting to see what will really happen, and anticipating something along the lines of Y2K.

In other words, not much.

My sense has always been that if December 2012 truly is the “end of the world,” that it would more likely be “The end of the world as we know it,” meaning that things will change radically and significantly as we pass through the final months of 2012… perhaps even being so lucky as to emerge into a new state of higher consciousness as some of the spiritual leaders suggest due to some kind of major world-wide changes or events. 

That seems like a good thing. I’m down with it.

As I’ve observed this year unfolding however, I’ve been caught off guard by the way this massive change is playing out. I’d expected to see it on global scale, but instead (at least so far) I’m seeing big shifts on a very personal scale.

So many people around me are experiencing sudden, sweeping change. Their loved ones are dying or being diagnosed with major illnesses. Relationships are crumbling apart and unexpected truths are being revealed. So much is happening and so many people are affected and in crisis. Even people who seem “immune” because their lives appear fairly stable are getting unexpected phone calls that send their lives spiraling in entirely new directions.

It has happened for me too: Over the last 2 months, my personal life has been changed in an entirely unexpected way. I believe it will ultimately be all to the good — and — it’s been darn hard going through it.

It feels like the world is being adjusted — everything that doesn’t support us is being changed or let go of — in a radical, unalterable way.

I think I’m seeing “the end of the world as we know it” unfolding before my very eyes.

My world has certainly been irrevocably changed.

So has my best friend’s life. So has my cousin’s, my sister’s, and my friend’s life. So many changes are happening every day and everywhere.

Surprisingly, I feel 100 times stronger than I ever have before.

My resolve to keep writing no matter what has been astounding, and gratifying.

My sense of commitment to myself has been deeply reaffirmed.

It isn’t easy.

There are hard days and easier days.

But I have this sense that we’ll ALL get to the other side of this challenging time stronger, more connected, and more whole.

What do you think?

You know I love to hear from you in the comments on the blog.




Coming Attractions

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What I'm Up To

~> Ongoing. Working on rewriting my script, Progeny, with my mentor Chris Soth after finishing the ProSeries.*

~> Sacred writing time. My schedule is in flux right now but I’m still writing.

~> Reading: Eragon with my son. Loving Homeland, it’s amazing.


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