Story & Writer’s Coaching

You want to write.

You’re called to write. In fact, it won’t let you go.

But things get in the way, whether it’s just life or you getting in your own way.

I specialize in getting writers like you back on track with what you were put here to do.

When we work together one-on-one, we’ll start by developing a vision for your writer’s life and build from there. 

Each time we meet, you’ll bring your most pressing writing issues to the table and we’ll address them together. When you’re wrestling with the inner demons that come up when you do your deepest creative work, there’s nothing quite like having someone to hold a safe space and be a witness for your explorations, while also offering compassionate, fresh perspectives to help you shift the energy around the challenges you’re facing.

Writer’s Coaching Topics We Can Tackle – Together


Here are some of the ways we might want to work together:

Vision, Goals, & Writer Identity

  • Developing a vision for your writer’s life so you know where you’re headed.
  • Helping you claim your writer’s identity so you can step fully into yourself as a writer and into your writing life without holding back anymore.
  • Setting clear writing goals with a realistic writing plan so you can move each writing project to completion.

Writer’s Life & Schedule Design

  • Creating a writing schedule that actually works with your for-real life, not an imaginary writing life far off in your future.
  • Building a consistent, regular writing practice to help you meet your writing goals.


  • Setting up personal 1:1 accountability and support so you can make consistent progress on your writing goals (there’s something about reporting in, personally and regularly, that’s incredibly motivating).

Writing Projects & Story Coaching

  • Choosing your next best writing project — no more sticky book (or script) choosing paralysis quandaries.
  • Mapping out a timeline for writing or revising your book (or script) so you can set your own expectations reasonably.
  • Breaking down your writing into small manageable chunks so you stay out of overwhelm and focus on “doing the next thing.”
  • Brainstorming around plot, character, story holes, and more.

Managing Writer Stresses & Well-Being

  • Managing your inner critic by addressing each negative message directly and positively, so you can build a new, more positive inner dialogue with yourself (and know how to handle that inner rascal when s/he gets out of control).
  • Coming up with personalized solutions for your specific creative blocks, including helping you handle any past creative wounds that are affecting your here and now.
  • Figuring out how to deal with the overwhelm of tackling and organizing that years-long book you’ve been working on and have content all over the place for, and other monster writing issues you’re facing.
  • Navigating the inner journey of your rewrite so you don’t lose yourself — or lose heart — along the way.
  • Untangling challenging feedback you’ve received on your book or script so you feel good about how to move ahead with revisions.

Building Your Author Platform

  • In addition to offering support around website creation, we can also review your social media, blogging, and newsletter strategies.


Of course there are many other possible things we can work on. What I find is that each writer has their own unique challenges. My goal is to find solutions that work for you.

Jenna helped me become very clear about the cost of not writing.”

“For years I’ve felt pulled to write and to create, and yet somehow there was never ‘time’ to do it. The truth was, I wasn’t making it a priority — for a lot of reasons, most of which I was consciously aware AND choosing to ignore. The muse was calling but the outer world provided many an excuse each day to attend to other matters. Jenna helped me become very clear about the cost of not writing — at every level of my being. I had to feel the cost viscerally, not just mentally, to finally make a change. Then she compassionately helped me call myself out on all of my excuses and address them one by one. Now I have a daily schedule that prioritizes everything that’s important to me, and is still flexible enough to appease my need to flow with each new day. I’ve become truly productive and it affects the quality of everything else in my life as well.”

Zara Shea

Southeastern, PA

Here’s How We Can Get Started Working Together

If you’re ready to book a coaching session, select the session length you’d like and purchase it through my online shopping cart. Then click the purple button in the lower right labeled “Book A Session With Jenna” to get on my calendar. Generally sessions are available on Thursdays, with additional spots available on Tuesdays once Thursday fill. If you cannot find a time slot that works for your schedule or time zone, reach out and we’ll find something that does.

Standard sessions run 50 minutes and are $180. Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled with 24 hours advance notice.

I also offer longer sessions for more in-depth work (90 minutes for $315), and shorter sessions for lightning coaching or accountability coaching (15 minutes for $55 or 25 minutes for $90).

If you’re not sure which to choose or you’d like to talk over what working together might look like, I recommend starting with a standard 50-minute session.

Stand-Alone Coaching Sessions

 Stand-alone coaching sessions may be purchased on a one-off,
as-needed basis, or in small batches, for shorter term work.

For a longer, ongoing coaching relationship, I suggest picking up a
5-pack of sessions (or multiple packs of 5).

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