Too cool for school?

Understanding your Life School is an important part of fulfilling your Life Purpose.

Your Life School is like a broad training program that gives you the lifetime tools you need to achieve your Life Purpose and address your Life Lesson. Both your purpose and lesson play out within your Life School, so it’s worth paying attention to and mastering.

I like to compare your Life School and Purpose together to a college degree program. While you might major in English, just the way you focus on your Life Purpose, the English department is part of the broader School of Arts & Humanities, very much akin to the way your purpose plays out in the larger context of your Life School.

Each Life School has a particular challenge associated with it. In the realm of hand analysis, you’re always looking for the “just right” place on the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other. It’s like your own personal Goldilocks mission, should you choose to accept it. :)

How you can use your Life School information

When things start going south, it’s usually a challenge associated with your Life Lesson (because you’re not working on it) or your Life School (because you’ve strayed from the “just right” path).

For example, in my case, as a School of Service trainee, if I’m having trouble and it’s not associated with my Lesson, I usually find that I’ve over-given and gotten resentful (one extreme in the School of Service) or retreated too far from truly being of service to my tribe into self-indulgence (the other extreme), rather than walking the win-win path of it being good for me AND good for them.

I’ve gotten much better at this over the years, particularly in the work realm, but it came back to bite me when I had my son: I went too far into self-sacrifice mode and wasn’t doing enough to take care of myself. And voilà: Instant service backlash.

I’ve learned to use my giving-receiving radar to help me stay on track with what’s working for me and what’s not. And sometimes I have to be reminded to do so — hence the opportunities created by my Life School = more chances to learn.

How your Life School is determined

Your Life School is determined by the number of a particular type of fingerprint you have to qualify for a particular school.

There are four Life Schools: Service, Love, Wisdom, and Peace.

(A funny side note is that I was initially so distracted by wanting to be in school of Wisdom that I hardly noticed how accurately the School of Service fit me! Can you say “blind spot”?)

  • The School of Service is designed to teach you the path of consciousness and about true, joyful service that is good for you and everyone around you. It requires that you master serving yourself before you can be of true service in the world. Whorl fingerprint types are associated with the School of Service.
  • The School of Love is designed to teach you the path of the heart, and about balanced, authentic emotional expression that stays current in the moment. Love students learn to value, trust, and express their emotions regardless of the perceived impact or response from other people. Loop fingerprints belong to the School of Love.
  • The School of Wisdom teaches you to honor the path of “thoughtful action” and the ability to take meaningful, conscious action rather than sitting on the fence thinking and analyzing endlessly or taking overly reckless action. The fingerprint type associated with the School of Wisdom are Tented Arches.
  • The School of Peace follows the path of the body and the physical, and gives you opportunities to explore what it means to feel safe in your body and on the planet and learn to neither rush around in adrenaline mode nor fall into a spaced out place. Arch fingerprint patterns indicate the School of Peace.

It is possible to be in more than one school, which results in a combined school. For example, someone with the qualifying number of Loop prints might also have one or more Tented Arch fingerprints, putting them in the school of “Wise Relationships.”

Remember, your Life School gives you the context for your Lesson and Purpose, and the tools you need to help you accomplish them. So while being an artist or writer might be your Life Purpose, your Life School will bring a unique flavor or theme to your work that will help clarify what you’re up to and why.

If finding your Life Purpose and Life Lesson interests you, I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming Life Purpose Breakthrough Groups or for a private hand analysis session.

Jill“I was amazed at the accuracy of my hand analysis with Jenna.”

“I was amazed at the accuracy of my hand analysis with Jenna. It really was uncanny how the reading mirrored me exactly! I’m moving in new directions now, and the timing of my hand reading was exactly right — it highlighted the major issues I’m dealing with and pointed out some I hadn’t identified yet. Knowing I am in both the schools of Service and Peace, and my life lesson and life purpose, is incredibly valuable for me in taking my next step toward Authentic Work. A truly worthwhile experience.”
~ Jill Winski, The Artist’s Nest,

“During my hand print reading… Everything Jenna said felt true to my experience yet surprising and deeply insightful.”

“When I hear something that resonates with my inner being I get shivers through my body. During my hand print reading with Jenna last night I had dozens of shivers. Everything she said felt true to my experience yet surprising and deeply insightful. This was the exact right time for me to receive this information. I feel excited and inspired by the clarity and new paths that feel available to me now.”
~ Sherris Cottier Shank, Gem Carver,

What is hand analysis, anyway?

So yeah. In addition to being a writer and a coach, I’m a hand analyst.

Many people assume that hand analysis is the same thing as palmistry and dismiss it without giving it much thought.

It’s not.

Hand analysis is a repeatable system of analysis created by a man named Richard Unger, author of the book Life Prints.

The fact that the system is repeatable means that — barring human error — two different hand analysts should be able to examine your hands, primarily your fingerprints, and tell you the same information. Many people therefore call it “scientific hand analysis”.

About 5 months before you are born, while you are in utero, your fingerprints form. They don’t change over the course of your lifetime. Therefore, the lifelong aspects of your “soul psychology” are determined from your fingerprints:

How I “read” your hands

When I look at your hands, I look for fingerprint markings, called dermatoglyphs, on your finger pads and on your palms. (Yes, really, you can have fingerprint patterns on your palms!)

As I examine them, I look to see what types of fingerprints you have and where they are located.

The primary types of fingerprint patterns are Whorls, Loops, Tented Arches, and Arches:

By first determining the number of the types of prints you have, I can determine which of the four Life Schools you are in (Service, Love, Wisdom, or Peace).

Then I look to see which prints are your relatively highest ranking and lowest ranking:

  • Your lowest ranking prints are combined with their specific locations to comprise your Life Lesson.
  • Your highest ranking prints with their specific locations become your Life Purpose.

For instance, someone with high ranking prints on right thumb and right ring finger would have a Life Purpose of “Successful Artist in the Spotlight“, while someone with high ranking prints on their left thumb and left ring finger would have a Life Purpose of “Innovator in the Community“.

What does it all mean?

Nominally, there are 10 different Life Purposes and Life Lessons, but once they become combined in multiples and/or with palmar dermatoglyphs, the possibilities become endless. It is also possible to have one’s purpose or lesson dictated by one’s Life School, if only one print type dominates the hand.

On top of all this, there are also Gift Markings in the hands that lend additional information to the Life Purpose picture — these are the tools that help you implement your life purpose. (Again, more on this in a future article.)

A good hand analyst will help you put it all together in a way that both makes sense and gives you usable information about how to start implementing what you’ve learned.

I find that artists, creatives, and writers particularly benefit from understanding their life purpose because of the immense validation that usually occurs. Many writers are on the fence about whether or not they “should really be writing” (ditto with artists) and I find, more often than not, that there is some validation of creative expression in the hands that helps to melt away fears, doubts, and excuses like butter on a hot pancake.

If you’d like to find out more or have your hands analyzed, consider joining one of my upcoming Life Purpose Breakthrough Group sessions or booking a private Life Purpose hand analysis session with me. All sessions are held by phone. The next Life Purpose Breakthrough Group session will be held on Thursday, March 29th, and registration closes on Thursday, March 1st (so we have time to mail your hand printing kit). Details for the group session are here.

Grace“As you showed me what’s written on my own hands, layer after layer of fears and excuses floated away.”

“Yikes! No more hiding. As you showed me what’s written on my own hands, layer after layer of fears and excuses floated away, revealing a core of certainty that now steers me true. Without our session, my inner conviction would’ve been a ghost of what it is now. Since our session, pieces keep falling into place. I’m calm and focused and excited all at once. I know my story. Thank you so much for reading me to myself.”
~ Grace Kerina,

Miriam“It’s like a map, an easy to follow map when I get off track.”

“I am a curious person and so when I am offered a new way of looking at myself, I usually try it out. The hand analysis I received from you actually synthesized many of the things I already knew, and gave me strategies for using my gifts and avoiding the penalties of not using them. It’s all coming together. I’m kind of freaked out about this. So, it’s a good thing you gave me strategies. There have been like 3 things that I have had a sneaking suspicions about that you just nailed. Now I know what to work on and that is a relief. It’s like a map, an easy to follow map when I get off track.”
~ Miriam Ortiz Y Pino, Organizer,

How to (really) live your life purpose

Life purpose is a Big Deal. It’s fabulous to know what it is, finally, but then what?

I’ve heard more than a few people say that knowing their life purpose feels like this huge thing they suddenly have to live up to, and it feels so far away and overwhelming. Plus, how do they even start to get there?

I’ve come to think of life purpose as something it takes your lifetime to master and grow toward. After all, if you were done, you’d be dead, right?

Therefore, I see it as something that we must move toward — and live — incrementally. It’s something that happens with one step after the other, moving toward a culmination — a critical mass even — of steps, actions, choices, and decisions that have us embracing a new destiny.

And LIVING your life purpose means taking those steps and making those choices on a daily basis to be in alignment with who you are here to be.

Making the Choices in the Moment

Here’s what I mean:

My own life purpose picture includes Success, Leadership, Family/Community and Mass Communications.

Yesterday, I received a somewhat jumbled email list of tasks from another parent to help our preschool dealing with the sudden death of one of their teachers. I was a little overwhelmed by it and was trying to figure out how and if I wanted to help. As I contemplated the list, it became clear to me that the reason I was overwhelmed was that there was no plan to get the results we wanted (success) and no clear authority leading the charge (leadership).

I thought, “This project needs a leader.” And then, “I’m a leader. I’ll do it.”

I checked with myself first to make sure I wasn’t just seeing a need and filling it, but consciously deciding how I wanted to participate so I didn’t fall into the School of Service trap of self-sacrifice. Then I went for it.

What was so fabulous about this was having an opportunity to use my organizational and online skills to create ways for our community to communicate, succeed at creating the outcomes we wanted, and to be a leader while doing so. And voilà, I was living my purpose.

Don’t Fall Into the “It’s Too Hard” Trap

Living your life purpose is about making the smaller choices on a daily basis and seeing them through. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to pull off the whole shebang at once. Yes, you’ll want to aim for that ultimate outcome of your purpose, but you’ll also want to be living it along the way.

A little bit at a time will be just fine, thank you very much.

Your Turn

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