Hello, you writing genius, you...

Writing matters to you. You’re here because you feel called to write. And…

You’ve got so many ideas… and feel overwhelmed by them.

You’re passionate and visionary… but can’t seem to quite get your book (or script!) finished — or maybe even started. 

You feel like you’re on the verge of a creative breakthrough… but it still feels like you’re holding back. Perfectionism, fear of failure, resistance, and procrastination all get in your way.

I’m Jenna Avery. I’m a writer, a writing coach, and the founder of Called to Write.

Around here, we help creative writers like you — complicated, visionary, and sensitive — grab hold of the bigger vision of what you were put here to do, get out of your own way, and claim your creative calling so you can bring your writing to the world in all its powerful glory.

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How to Choose Your Next Book (Or Screenplay!)

When You Can't Choose What to Write Next

Useful techniques to choose among your many ideas.
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Ask the Coach @ Script Mag

Suggestions for writers struggling with self-doubt and feeling like an imposter.
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