Commit to Your Big Dream

Because Dreaming Big is the best place to start…

My Big Dream (in addition to making a Big Difference in the world for others) is to be a writer — a Sci Fi writer no less, though most likely also a self-help writer Revolutionary Philosopher as well.

About a week ago I wrote my very first sci fi screenplay, under the gun of a competition deadline no less (big yikes). It may not be my best work ever, and it may not win the round I was competing in, but I DID IT. That’s what counts to me.

Since then, as I’ve been crafting and clarifying my next Big Direction for my coaching business (seems like everything is getting Big around here all of a sudden; I like it!), I realized that I need to make a much Bigger :) commitment to my own Big Dream.

… And does even better with a commitment

So, I just cleared space in my calendar every workday (that’s Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) for one hour of writing time. And during that time, I will NOT be writing ezines, or blog posts, or articles, or web copy. Oh no.

What I WILL be doing is writing my feature length screenplay, come hell or high water. I will allow other Big writing projects during that time, e.g. writing my book, “Hey Folks, We’re Doing It All Wrong,” if I’m overcome with a massive inspiration. But it has to be Big Writing to qualify for that time block.

… And follow through

I intend to let you know how it’s going on the blog as a weekly accountability deal.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle it when I’m away or facilitating retreats quite yet (probably I’ll have to do a little schedule rearranging), but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

(I’m also sure my organizing coach will have some suggestions, and she’s the only one allowed to comment on this matter (see my request below). :) )

Drum roll, please, for the Big Invitation

This is where you come in: I’d like to invite you to join me. What’s your Big Dream? How have you committed to making it happen? I want to help you get your art, your message, or your movement to your audience, too.

Take a moment to think about your Big Dream and share what it is in the comments section below. Then tell us, how are you committing to making that happen?


In the spirit of Havi Brooks’ “Comment Zen,” I have this request:

Since I am exploring how to be more transparent, raw, vulnerable, and in my full, messy delicious creative energy in my posts, here’s what I would love to hear:

  • How you personally are doing whatever I’m writing about for yourself.
  • How my writing sparks something for you.
  • About your own stories, ideas, musings, and wonderings.

And I would love to skip:

  • You feeling like you need to take care of me, give me useful suggestions, or other well-meaning but unsolicited advice.

Thank you!


What’s Jenna Up To?

~> January 21st & 22nd, 2011. Voice Your Vision Mastermind Retreat. In-Person Workshop in Berkeley, California. Clarify your unique vision to implement your Life Purpose in a specific, step-by-step plan. Details:

~> January 27th & 28th, 2011. Powerful Strategies to Slay Your Inner Critic Demons So You Can Leap Into the Creative Spotlight.” Appearing as a guest expert at Baeth Davis’s “Claim Your Spotlight” program in Los Angeles, California.

~> NEW DATE: February 22, 2011. Virtual Workshop: Claim Your Calling: 5 Steps To Get You Back On Track With What You Were Put Here To Do. Details. Early registration ends January 27th.



  1. Jennifer Carmack says:

    “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!” Remember that line from the 80’s movie Dirty Dancing? Well my big dream for 2011 is to get out of the corner, and I’m not waiting on the hunky hero to pull me out. As an empath, HSP, psychic, and earth healer, I tend to hide. I’ve been laughingly called the phantom b/c I can almost disappear. This year I feel that I must be out. I will speak out about the imbalances that I feel. I will write and share said writing. I wil start a website to accomplish some of this and I am open to other ways I can be out. And I feel scared and exhilarated and urgent.

    • Oh, Jennifer, you are brilliant! Thank you for having the courage to go first and to claim your dream! I loved that line in that movie, thank you for remembering it for me. :) I can’t wait to see your website. I will help spread your message. It means a lot to me. xoxo

  2. Greetings everyone,
    I have two dreams I would like to realize:
    1.) I would like to complete my book manuscript on authentic living and publish it (by any means possible) this year
    2.) I would like to take concrete steps to making my life a more enjoyable experience- I have been a “responsible good girl” all my life, and it has occured to me that while I value being dependable and of helpful support to others, I am feeling a bit bored and restless- I expect to gently nudge myself to find new activities and/or groups to join to meet new people and infuse more joy in my everyday experience
    Thank you for your energetic support.

    • Idara, this sounds fantastic. Keep us posted! BTW, I’ve been toying with another title for myself: “Nice Girl Exorcist” — what do you think?

  3. Jenna, I am inspired by your “take action” attitude. I feel most comfortable wandering creatively in my photos and writings, especially after 35 years of getting up and going to work for other people. But I think that I need structure in order to crystalize my direction. Or sometimes I think the wandering is part of my process.
    I don’t know if I can commit today…and I am not sure why.
    Maybe that is my first step.

  4. I don’t know if it is coincidence but last night, I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about my dreams and future goals. I spent all night thinking and trying to make decisions. I decided to commit to some dreams and abdicate other things, so I can truly feel satisfied inside me.
    Now, I open my email and I see your newsletter about this similar topic. Very inspiring!

  5. Jenna, I really like your idea… and I am also trying to be open-hearted and live one life out loud, yet take back my personal power and really go for what I want to do and make time for those things.
    1. I feel that though I did not intend to draw a unique instrument to me, it did come to me from a friend for a helpful and healing purpose. So, I want to honor that sacred bond and also learn to see my body as more of an instrument as well … so that means harp practices. I want to be able to play Canon in D sometime this year. (my struggle is I hate theory, ick!) but that is what is holding me back. I need to show up anyway.
    2. I want to finish up what I started — and complete an important investment I am working on (even though I must submit for a school assignment anyway, I want to do my utmost best and invest in my dreams.) —get my ebook on the eReader, Business Plan deadline met, and a freshly updated resume. —these three are equally hard but laboring through… so far so good! I hope to see them all off my plate in a month to a month and a half latest.

    hugs, thank you for this challenge!
    I am clearing my schedule for what matters and putting these things near the top after self-care.

    luv Jenn

  6. Hi Jenna,

    Enjoyed your newfound accountability blogventure. I’m working on my “Wake Up and Contribute Non-Institute Institute.” Thanks! G.

  7. Jenna…

    Yes, there’s a clear rawness in what you’ve been sharing in your ezine lately that’s more engaging than ever… Thanks for opening yourself up to us and exemplifying how to show up BIG!!

    My Big Dreams still elude me (and at my age!), yet I’m opening up the channels, doing the work and gaining more footing as I get closer to the place where I can see them. I know, like you, that I’m here to make a big difference in this world. Knowing the magnitude of my impact has led to knowing how I need to show up. I’m showing up more boldly now than ever before in my life and I continue to stretch myself by practicing this each day in the way I connect with others. Challenging and exhausting, yet exhilarating and happy-making, it feels oh-so-right!


  8. Hi Jenna,

    What I love most is your confidence. The conviction that you seem to have that others are interested in what you have to say. Wow! That´s exactly what I need these days.
    My novel is finished, after five years, and after chasing big publishers for two, came to the conclusion of self-publishing. I´ve started doing performances, because the novel includes a CD with songs that tell part of the story (I am a song writer as well, and guitar player).
    Now I need the confidence and the “conviction” that there are people out there who would love to read “Las Hijas del Maíz” (in Spanish) and that it will be translated into English… and I will write a script for theater of a movie… thanks for the inspiration.
    Cheers to all you ladies who have responded and good luck with your dreams!!!

  9. Jenna, thank you for the public inspiration and challenge to others to acknowledge their dream and then take steps. My next dream (only one of many) is to get my next book started – it’s in pieces and it’s time to start pulling it together. The book group I pulled together meets weekly so I have to have something completed every week. And I get feedback on how much sense it’s making to others, how clear it is, suggestions for improvement. There’s also something about reading out loud that I hear what I’ve written differently.

  10. My dream is to become independent. I have lived with so many crippling fears for so long and I finally feel strong enough to fight them. I want to be able to start my own business from home, and I want to learn to drive. I know! I don’t have a license and I’m terrified of driving especially since I moved to Los Angeles.

  11. I love that you have your ‘finger on the pulse of the world’

    This past week I have been setting my intention on Living each day in my Bigger Self. That part of me that is a Creator & a Manifestor, the ‘Larger than Life’ aspect of ‘who I AM’. It takes practice, brand new territory. Though just keeping it foremost in my mind & making decisions based in that self, makes a world of a difference!

    I AM stepping out & leaving that little self ‘in the corner’
    Reaching for the stars & finding I AM already there.
    I just noticed that I AM…

    Thanks for the challenge Jenn, thank you for publicly setting our intention & grounding us to each other. Love to you all!

    • Oooh, Thank you, Rebecca. I LOVE your intention. Powerful. “Reaching for the stars and finding I am already there.” Love the I Am.

  12. Jenna,
    Good news! When you are away or facilitating retreats that is where your energy needs to be so you can skip the BIG WRITING on those days. Think exception, and try to schedule your away and retreats for Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    I am also going to go BIG this year maybe even Streamline the world. Thanks for calling us out.

    • Whew, Thanks Miriam!
      So glad you’re going to join me on the Going Big this year. Have I told you one of my favorite quotes? “Go big, or stay home.” Apparently there’s even an acronym for it: GOBOSH. Hmm.

  13. Hi Jenna,
    Thanks so much. I love what you’re doing. My big dream is to act professionally in either film or TV. I want to let the creative juices run though me. I would love to do comedy first and foremost but also do some dramtic work too. I would also like to be in politics at some point down the road.

    Thanks Jenna. btw I love the necklace I bought from you. It’s beautiful and I really feel it’s protection.


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