Dreamification Radio: Visioning and Moving Ahead With Your Dreams Even in the Face of Fear

My blog radio show on Radio Lightworker continues on April 23, 2011 and will air on an ongoing basis on the fourth Saturday of each month. The show is called “Dreamification: Find Your Big Dream. Make It Real.”

April’s episode is on “Visioning and Moving Ahead With Your Dreams Even in the Face of Fear” and will be a conversational broadcast between me and Kimberley Jones, a lightworker and “Soul Whisperer.”

During the broadcast, Kimberley and I will be talking about dealing with fear, particularly when it comes to moving ahead with our big visions and dreams when we’re living in a culture of fear. We’ll also be talking about fears that come up when we vision forward into the future — and how that relates to 2012 coming up ahead of us and the fears many of us have around that topic. You can post specific questions that we’ll aim to address during the broadcast in the comments area below.

What are your biggest questions about visioning and moving ahead with your Big Dreams even in the face of fear?

Please post your questions on THIS PAGE no later than April 18th at Midnight Eastern Time in the comments area below. Questions that are succinct and clear are much easier for us to answer.

Note: If this subject interests you, you might also be interested in my upcoming Voice Your Vision retreat in Berkeley, California on April 29th and 30th.


  1. Angie Williams says:

    Dear Jenna,

    How interesting that I would get this e-mail from you today, as I was just thinking about how can I deal with my fear of driving. . . . . I have not driven for quite some time, months possibly even over a year. I have always enjoyed driving. It had gotten to where it was hard for me to drive on certain streets or go through certain areas, as I was picking up ‘negative energy’ or ‘vibrations’ or just having extremely uncomfortable sensations, or feelings when driving. I’ve read up on ADHD and how that will affect driving sometimes. I’ve read about OCD and how that affects driving and your need to be in control. I have been recognized as having ADHD. But I always come back to, it’s how I “feel” and what I “sense” from the roads I am driving on that makes me so uncomfortable. I would dearly love to get back in the car, and have gone to classes to help with the fear, and have practiced in the wee hours of the morning, when no one else is out on the road. I just can’t seem to get back to driving in my little city, to go to the grocery or take the kids to school or to the movies. How can I get past this? How can I block out the sensitivity to what “could happen” or “has happened” on the roads I am driving? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your upcoming broadcast to hear if this is addressed. Being imoble and having to wait or rely on someone else, delays some of my plans and dreams for the future. Perhaps someone else is experiencing this too.

  2. Tom Anderson says:

    You have helped me enormously. On your last broadcast I asked you, “where do I go from a place I never dreamed I could be?” Today, after several weeks of reflection, I suddenly realized that I need to walk into my fear. Then your question showed up and it spoke to me in the most amazing way. I think our life lessons exist within our most gripping fears. I am about to embark from a place I never dreamed I would be to a place I cant’ imagine and I haven’t felt this excited in many years. I am following my fears and I am haven’t felt this alive in a long, long time – our fear is our guide – we must walk into it. We must go where we do not want to go.
    Seek the light.

  3. How is it that Fear seems to derail us so easily? I believe it has to do with the vibration at which it resonates. The individual vibration of each person’s Fear resonates in such a way that it disconnects us from our ground and our heart, because it is resonating at the same vibration as those things we do not wish to look upon in ourselves. It stirs the chatter in our minds to the point that we cannot hear our own voice within, which is trying to show us the way to acceptance. Our Fear knows us inside and out, both the light and the dark, and so it has the keys to unlock the doors to the things from which we wish to hide. How often do we do that for ourselves – choose to know ourselves completely? Fear can go wherever it chooses, because it does not hide from what is uncomfortable and dark. Fear embraces these things, and thus can maneuver through them with no resistance. If we choose to venture into this same realm and embrace our completeness, including what makes us uncomfortable, what makes us want to “shut the door” and not look at it, then Fear will have no power to unsettle us. We will be so familiar with the vibration of those parts of ourselves that it shows us, and there is comfort in what is familiar. By bringing those parts of us to the light, we will have transformed them, and thus Fear cannot use it to derail us. Fear derails us because it shows us things we have not fully faced, and are thus unprepared for. So become familiar with all the parts of yourself, even the ones that make you uncomfortable, because they are all YOU, and they are each beautiful in their own ways, and deserving of your love. What we choose to see as dark is only so because we have shut it away from the light. Love and light transform all things, if you only shine them upon everything. And the next time you face Fear, thank it for showing up, because it is giving you the chance to embrace and love a part of yourself you had forgotten. What a beautiful gift!

  4. Hi,

    I have a very strange fear of advancing a skill. For example if I start learning painting, I do work hard to learn it but I feel very uncomfortable as soon as more complex learning is involved. This fear of advancing / Leveling up has caused my life to stop at one point from where I am not improving, not moving forward and have difficulty learning new skills.

    Any views on this strange problem will be helpful. Thanks.

  5. kathleen stenson says:

    dear jenna…where to start?…20 years ago, i was injured on my job in los angeles…my sister and her husband took me in, in their home in bakersfield under the auspices of “being with my family in my time of need”…but since i wasn’t in a wheelchair or anything obvious, my brother-in-law took a lot out on me…for 16 years, i was put through such torturous circumstances (homelessness, starvation, life-threatening situations) that on top of clinical depression, i now had out-of-control anxiety…heavily medicated, i wouldn’t be able to think at all…they stole from me constantly, making me feel worse and worse…i had helped them get their business going and in payment, they (supposedly) signed over theit trailerhome to me…i lived there for 9 years, thinking i did own it…after 9 years the old trailer was downright dangerous, falling apart…i was told, more like ordered, to move out…i moved to another trailer in the same park…i didn’t get a dime for this…i found out from the manager of the park, my brother-in-law had sold it to a relative of his, leaving me past penniless…next, i was preassured to move here, a tiny town way up north in michigan, with my parents; where they all knew i didn’t want to be…these 2 things brought about a very serious suicide attempt on my part…still not dead, but more addled than ever, they put me on a plane…supposedly, my brother was to operate the tiny restaurant here, but he and his wife had decided to move away; they just didn’t tell me before i came…then, my sister informed me i wouldn’t be getting any of my things i still had…i attempted suicide again…now, i am here, completely isolated, but with no privacy whatsoever…my mother has always “had it in for me”…there is nothing here: no public trasportation at all and i am completely at her mercy, which is nil for me…i have to get out of here and start all over again, but how?…

  6. Caroline says:


    I’d like to ask, how do you prevent huge overwhelm when pursueing your big dream? Big dreams take work and it is easy to get carried away, especially when you are both the boss and employee. I am talking from experience. I have adrenal fatigue and am recovering and have a fear that, once I am healthy again, I’ll want to be even more on track with my life purpose than before, but I might get so excited about it that I overwork myself. This is also one of the most common things I hear from people with their own business, that they work so incredibly hard and much, don’t take much needed vacation etc. Any practical advice?


  7. Hi Jenna, for me I think it’s very helpful to think in terms of “moving through” the fear when it comes up. So, ideas about doing that, tools to help the fear energy keep moving, and/or transform.

    I also know from my personal experience that as Sally above mentioned love is a huge tool to use to deal with fear, loving the parts of ourselves that are fearful, that has been a big tool of mine, in fact at times the only thing that enabled me to move forward, to be able to “surrender” and acknowledge, accept, that fear in myself. And to pray and ask for help.

    Also along with fear maybe to consider shame, those two work sometimes together and in the extreme can be paralyzing. So much in western culture is shaming of self expression, sensitivity, creativity (at least it seems to me). So the shame is there too.

    Good work happening here! : )

  8. Julie Barrett says:

    My son’s birthday is 21 Dec and is convinced the world is so terrible and that he will die on his birthday in 2012. He is 22 and feels he is not making the most of his life and seems to be in depression as he has not settled in to his first year of university and thinks it is wasting his life. My biggest fear is he will commit suicide as no one listens to him as he is depressed and then positive so it’s difficult to know. We try to explain about 2012 and he understands and my husband counsells him for hours trying to support him through this difficult time.
    Most of his friends are on drugs or with young babies. He just doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t sleep, eat or try to participate in life at all and feels out of step with life as he sees it. I feel so helpless seeing him in so much pain and anguish. Do you know what we can do?

  9. Bethechange says:

    My fear. My fears are really bad and similar to what many have written about. I live with my parents. Then again that’s what we do in places this expensive to live in. Every day I feel the fear but do it anyway. I work my way through the fear in order to get something at all done. My anxiety is very high because its tax time. In a dysfunctional family, that’s what happens. I cannot afford any of your seminars in the immediate present. Hope that changes. Otherwise these web forms are the only way we can talk for now. I know what I want to succeed in, and why. I work on it daily.

  10. Hi Jenna,

    I have recently been finding out about being ungrounded. I am wondering whether this happens as a result of mentally “withdrawing” in a less than optimal environment for a sensitive person, or from an emotionally challenging situation, or because you simply cannot figuratively “accept” who you are (I.e. no career, in college debt while still in college, baited regularly by others, overcoming codependency, holding onto other peoples negative emotions). Will increased groundedness happen as a result of learning to accept myself, practicing self care, learning to stop withdrawing, and learning “not sweat the small stuff, etc.?” Will a feeling of belonging also result in being more grounded?

    For a little background, not part of my question, I feel that I am definitely grounded at times. At others, when I am in a confusing social situation, or bearing the brunt of a moody persons bad day I feel as if I were totally lost and confused, in pain and frustrated.

    So this leads me to believe that my soul withdraws at the least sign of trouble.

    Which leads to the self conscious, dead look, and the silly or conciliatory behavior.

    And the storm of self loathing.

    Logic all the while is telling me the truth, but in such a circumstance I cannot command sufficient mental power in such a situation to control my emotions and mind to halt the tsunami of internalized anger and rage.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate!


  11. Hi,
    I’m experiencing a huge amount of change in my life at the moment. I’m following my heart and soul purpose by pushing further into the area I believe I should be working and developing. My fear is resisting and pushing me to areas that are comfortable, well trodden and do not really fit with how I feel deep inside. I feel the universe is continually pushing me to make this step but I am resisting. What is going on here and how can I ease this transition?
    Many thanks,
    Looking forward to the show,

  12. Hi, Jenna and Kimberley:

    Where to begin?

    Unlike most of the comments/questions posted thus far, I don’t have a true sense of what I need to ask. The words aren’t really there. The big dream isn’t here either.

    So, let me just ask this…

    What is your advice for a person who is knowingly tapped to do something, but unsure of what that something is?

    The floodgates of energy, life, light, love, and more are opening in my life. For the first time, I am beginning to feel awake. It’s all very beautiful. Meanwhile, I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing, what my dream really is, nor how to prepare and realize the illusive dream(s).

    The reality of being tapped to a new reality, awakening, is inescapable – I have physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional manifestations of that fact. It’s exhilarating, yet also the most frightening thing I’ve experienced. I feel out of control, yet the most in control I’ve ever been. Paradoxes abound. I’m grateful and fearful all at the same time.

    I have every reason to be content the way things are. I have a wonderful family and friends, have success, and much to be grateful for. But, with the awakening I am experiencing, I know that I am not where I will be and I have no clue what I should be doing and how to get to where I am supposed to be.


  13. Feel free to disregard my question, I just saw the email and did not read the question topic – reading the topic for the first time I saw that my question was not pertaining to your topic. Hope you have a great show!

  14. My questions!!!

    I’m thinking about creating a Celebration Thursday ritual on my blog to help me to notice and reward myself as I take each small step towards my dreams. It is so, so easy for me to miss all the steps that I take towards developing a creative life that will sustain me.

    How do you go about, or recommend noticing all our tiny steps?

    I’m also aware that i need to create some kind of structure to contain my life. My creativity, my dream has to fit in with a full time job and the basic needs of running a home, keeping fit and healthy. And right now I am floundering and tired and realising this needs to change!

    What I realise is that if I keep going like this I will have no energy left to sustain anything really – let alone my creative juiciness.
    Cramming everything I can in to my every waking hour is not the way forward and as a sensitive soul I realise I need to give myself much more permission to slow down.

    My main struggle with giving myself permission to do this though is the fact that I have so many projects that I have started and not finished. I am worried that I will lose all focus and pleasure if I slow my process down even further.

    Does any of these issues resonate? Do you have any learning around similar issues, tips or stratagies that have worked for you and other clients?

    What I recognise is that a lack of structure means I am actually pushing myself too far because I am wanting to get to the point where other people can see the more tangible, physical evidence of all that I am doing and actually that means failing to acknowledge all the other work that is going on. So a failure to systematically reward and notice my efforts – all the research that I do learning about business etc and online marekting, simply serves to reinforce the idea of suffering and push-push-push.

    deep down i think I know there is time for our dreams and self care too. But I could do with help tweaking or indeed developing some ‘systems’ that are pleasurable and simple enough to put into regular practise. Any ideas?

    Apologies for the lengthy questions and thoughts!

    With hugest of thanks,

    Leila xxx


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