Healing Your Past Creative Wounds

One of the things that can stop us from moving ahead with our creative work is our creative wounds.

These are the painful experiences we’ve been through associated with our creative work that lead us to make decisions that it’s not safe to be creative or take creative risks, and that ultimately we’ll be hurt if we express ourselves creatively.

These wounds show up in our lives looking like creative blocks, and we can even forget about them until we do a little deeper digging.

I’m in the process right now of working with myself and my clients to clean up these old creative wounds, so that we can move forward more consciously.

So How Does One Heal a Creative Wound?

Here’s a simplified version of the process I’m using with my clients, which is based on Isabel’s powerful business transformation work.

  1. First, identify the story of the creative wound. What happened, factually? What happened, emotionally?
  2. Then identify the conclusion that you’ve drawn as a result of that experience. What have you decided to believe about being creative as a result of the experience?
  3. How can you reframe that limiting belief into a new way of looking your creativity that is both believable and supportive?
  4. Now do some release work on the story — write a forgiveness letter and shred or flush it, do a shamanic fire ritual (a “green fire”), use ho’oponopono, or create another ritual to let go of the old story.

Simple as this work may sound, it can have quite an impact.  My clients are already reporting seeing new levels of inspiration and creative discovery as a result of our work. It’s thrilling!

Your Turn

  • What creative wound are you ready to let go of?
  • How has it shown up in your life so far?
  • Are you ready to let it go?

I’d love to hear from you.





  1. I am learn to brake down the things that hold me back, or are destroying me from the inside out. The many wrongs that I have done and have not payed for. I find myself paying in other ways for these things. I would like to share with some of these things if you are willing to or be able to stand the pain that comes from my words. My life is a story that not many can take and few have survived, or been able to over come, in that aspect I am very lucky. I have had 3 therapist that I was working with, each one after a few times meeting with them would no long see me. It was very disheartening to have this happen. It made me think. Is it to much for a person. I could go on but seams I’m out of space. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like to hear more. These things are the key to truly being free to be able to finally put them to rest. I must caution you that it’s not for the faint of heart and some things that you may read will scar your soul. I need to let them go to move on but need an ear to hear. The sadness of the soul, bleeding to let go, in the eyes I know, Slowly Slowly burn to go, but held to the light the fire burns so bright, bleeding to know, burning to let go, Life the ride, ever so slow, the wind is blowing, burning to know, I hold the hand of fate to show, slowly, slowly learning to go, the time has come, look high, look low, the key that lies deep inside, burning , burning , just to be let go……

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