If You’re Not Living On The Edge, You’re Taking Up Too Much Space

Tiffany Shlain, honored by Newsweek as one of the “Women Shaping the 21st Century,” is a filmmaker, mother, artist, founder of The Webby Awards, and co-founder of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Tiffany is currently completing a feature film called “Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence.”

Her last film, “The Tribe,” was the first documentary short to be #1 on iTunes.

Tiffany was also the keynote commencement speaker this year at UC Berkeley.

I interviewed Tiffany over the summer about what it takes to succeed in making your creative vision a reality.

Watch the video interview (just over 11 minutes) and be inspired by her perspective on always living a creative life, having fun, dealing with the self-doubts and naysayers, having a sense of life purpose, and living on the edge.

Find Tiffany online at www.TiffanyShlain.com and http://www.ConnectedTheFilm.com.


  1. Hi Jenna & Tiffany,

    Great hat and attitude! Yes, it’s all about the energy and excitement. That’s what draws folks in (wakes them up …)

    Yes, keep pushing at the edge of ideas because that’s where the action of true living happens. I, too, love to wake up in the morning and get started.

    No Yes! people. Wow, that’s what everyone ought to aspire to.

    “The closer you can get to your own voice, the more successful your projects will be” and “People can taste the authenticity.” Hell, yes!


    Thx, Giulietta

  2. that was inspiring! I loved the commencement speech too! As a sidenote..It’s so important to hear successful people talk about their failure(s), so that you know it doesn’t mean you’re completely off track when it happpens (cause it sure feels that way)

  3. Thanks Jenna – I really enjoyed this! Tiffany has such a natural, confident ease about who she is and what she’s doing.

    There are too many great points to summarize here but perhaps one of the most memorable for me is the concept of designing one’s week. Ditching my traditional planner now :-)

    Terrific and inspiring!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Jenna! It’s great inspiration for pushing through on a dissertation.

    Rashmee :)

  5. Tiffany spoke about the hard work and the periods of doubt that go into a project. It was good to hear as a balance to all the optimism she shared when she spoke of creating from her core being. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the creative process is cycle, moving from incubation, frustration, breakthroughs, then finally, the inner sigh of yup, that’s what I had in mind … though next time I’ll change …

  6. Great Video and Tiffany came across as a very nice educated person, Would love to work with you Tiffany as an actress and a sensitive.. Anytime you want a chat feel free to email me x

  7. BETH BURNELL says:

    tiffanies interview was an affirmation of what i’ve always believed. i know i’m going straight to the top, always have! am a songwriter, musician, vocalist.

  8. I for one wish you every success Beth x x x

  9. Hi Jenna
    The interview was very good. Tiffany said a lot of things like be creative, always focus on your aim, be positive, good management, be original, get closer to the point, talk to yourself, create a balance between your job and family and so on. It was very amazing and helpful and I like people who want to share and creative and who have diffrent point of views.

  10. Hi Jenna

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    There was so much in here that I resonated with, most especially, being true to yourself and really speaking your truth.

  11. Just wanted to say, thanks everyone for your comments. Isn’t she amazing?

    Caroline, I love your idea about getting successful people to talk about their failures too.

    Zara, that TOTALLY inspired me too. :) Designing my week? Heck yes.

    Beth, yes, straight to the top. Go for it!

    I’m happy you all enjoyed it so much.

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