Imagineers Don’t Shoot Down Their Dreams

One of my platinum coaches just forwarded me this article about “Imagineering” (R) by Ali Brown called, “Learn From Disney and Make Your Business Dreams Come to Life!”

Ali says, “…in Imagineering, it’s important to take things one step at a time. Otherwise, you might shoot down your dream before you have the chance to make it happen.”

This is such an important lesson that so many of us overlook.

We can’t possibly be in — let alone stay in — the creative resourceful space we need to inhabit to “dream big” and connect with our own inner vision and guidance.

Once we’ve given ourselves a chance to brainstorm and daydream, THEN we can do the “reality check” and find a way to make our visions real. But before then, all we’re doing is shooting down our nascent brilliance before we even give ourselves a chance to discover it.

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