Remember… You Are a Writer

It’s been an intense week. 

Regardless of your political affiliation, here in the U.S. and worldwide we’ve been through the wringer and come out changed. We’re all going through a lot right now. There’s much to process, contemplate, and recover from.

In the midst of all this, the important thing is to remember who we are. That we each have a purpose to fulfill.

A calling.

If you’re hanging out with me in this little corner of the Universe, you’re called to write. To create with words, pen on page, fingers on keyboard.

A tremendous gift, writing is.

It has the power to open minds and hearts.

To express deeper truths.

To shine lights into the recesses of our humanity and unearth hidden gems and wounds.

To heal, inspire, strengthen, catalyze, and change.

To heal us individually as writers.

And even though it may be tempting to turn away from your writing right now, please don’t.

If not for others, for yourself. Because writing will remind you who you are, and what you were put here to do.

When my mother in law died in 2015, I clung to my writing as if it would save my life. It was my constant in a sea of pain and turmoil.

If you find yourself in that place now, as I do, let writing be the raft that carries you to shore.

I know that not everyone is hurting right now. It is likely that some among us are happy with this week’s outcomes. And that is your right. 

But let us keep the focus on the larger vision. Our writing. Our truths. The messages we each have to share with the world. Because that’s why we’re here.

Keep writing.

With love,


  1. Beautiful reminder … thank you Jenna … I too believe we are all being called to a higher
    purpose — to continue a quest for democracy in all its forms…. documenting our experiences right now is crucial in this call… with love and gratitude, Jacquelyn

  2. Merci❣️

  3. What a lovely letter, Jenna. I needed that. Been feeling kind of sick, though I’m not, and writing does have a cathartic and healing effect. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, Jenna, for a very insightful, on target message. You rock!

  5. Why did you have to bring politics into it?

    • Hi Leslie, I thought long and hard about mentioning what’s going on politically at all. And my sense was – and is – that regardless of where anyone’s particular political views lie, it’s an intense part of what’s going on for the world right now collectively. And in the midst of all that, which can be highly distracting if nothing else, we need to remember what we are here to do.

  6. Christine Hanlon says:

    Thank you Jenna. I needed this. I have been feeling some strong emotions this week, everything from fear to anger. I am in the middle of writing an anti-establishment book which excites me with the possibilities of ‘what if’ but also fills me with a healthy dose of ‘what has happened could happen again’ and I don’t want to caught in the crossfire. My gut reaction was to bury the book and my views for at least four years. I stopped writing for three days, I didn’t see the point. Now I have moved from fear to anger, and I have a lot to say. Thanks again Jenna!

  7. Hello Jenna,

    I would love to arrange a time to chat with you.

    Thank you kindly,

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