Sensitivity 3.0

I’ve worked with highly sensitive souls since I started my coaching practice in 2002. As I evolve, and as we evolve as a tribe of sensitive people, I see more for us than I was able to see before.

I began with one model — let’s call it Sensitivity 2.0 — and now my approach has evolved to a new one — let’s call it Sensitivity 3.0.

Sensitivity 2.0

In the Sensitivity 2.0 model, my focus was on helping sensitives move from a place of struggling with being highly sensitive to thriving with it, essentially learning how to “deal” with being highly sensitive in a not-so-sensitive world.

This has been tremendously important work, in my humble opinion, because I’ve seen so many people move from being frustrated, embarrassed, and deeply unhappy with themselves to feeling uplifted and inspired by their own abilities and their own innate gifts.

My mission statement throughout that time was to “help people find a deep sense of inner rightness so that everything else would just drop away, and they would feel inspired to step forward and shine.”

In the end, much of my deepest work was and will continue to be about that deep sense of inner rightness.

And there’s more…

Sensitivity 3.0

In the new Sensitivity 3.0 model, I want to help you step your dreams up into the next level of their expression.

It’s time to say, “Okay, so we’re sensitive, now that we know how to manage that, what’s next?”

My new mission is to help you “upgrade” from the Sensitivity 2.0 model to Sensitivity 3.0, where not only are you thriving as a sensitive person, you are also getting your deep work into the world.

I want you to bring that powerful, deep art, message or movement you have out and share it with your audience, no matter what pain, ecstasy, doubt, joy, terror, or delicious dilemma you experience in the process.

The world’s deepest hunger is waiting to be fed by your deep gladness, to paraphrase theologian Frederick Buechner.

And I want to help you get there.

Your Turn

I’d love to hear from you about this subject:

  • How have you evolved with your sensitivity?
  • What’s next for you?
  • Where do you see us going as a “tribe”?



Coming Attractions

~> August. Doing Creative Destiny Assessments with visionary creatives ready to claim their creative destiny. Interested? Email me here to request a session.

~> September 6th. Beta-testing my new writer’s accountability system with a select group. Want to participate? Email me here to request the details.

~> September 29th. My next Life Purpose Breakthrough ‘Big Vision’ Group. Details. Only 4 spots available.


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  1. Discovering I was highly sensitive, and the gifts and challenges which come with that, and refining the art of caring for myself as a sensitive person with limited energy and unique perceptions, has been by far the most important and valuable discovery I have made in my life. I am so grateful to the pioneers and thinkers (including you :)) who have helped me make my sensitivity conscious and encouraged me to accept myself and be in the world, just the way I am. I wish I could share some of the skills and knowledge I have acquired with others who are highly sensitive, who may not know it yet, and who would benefit so much from it, as I have. One day I’d like to employ the help of animals to awaken sensitivity and emotional awareness in people. I’ll get there I hope :)

  2. Laurie Burr says:

    Jenna, I think you’re on to something with your Sensitivity 3.0 concept. Good work.

  3. Being a highly sensitive soul has its deep rewards as well as its formidable challenges. As an Aquarian and a lover of nature, it is very easy for me to experience the deeply joyful energies of the natural world; it is as though nature opens up any of the ‘stuck’ or withheld parts of myself and I can experience a great sense of peace which is so lacking in our modern society. Being a sensitive soul enables me to be the artist that I am, as a writer and photographer.Though I’ve not shared my gifts with the world much in the past, I’m in the process of working on a book and a calendar that (I hope) will encourage viewers to take a few moments every day to let the peaceful energies of nature into their own hearts and minds, so that we might see and experience our lives and each other in more deep and meaningful ways.
    I’m a 49 year old male, and at times in the past I’ve berated myself for being so sensitive (because it’s not a ‘manly’ trait). Two years ago, I finished a three-year training with an amazing gentleman from the U.K. on Druidry. Each month we’d meet for a full weekend, and each weekend had a different theme to it. The second year of the training focused on ‘entering the shadow’, and one weekend I and my fellow students were coached to ‘get real’ with ourselves and admit to others our limiting and self-defeating perceptions of ourselves. As each person hung out their ‘dirty laundry’ in front of the group, you could palpably feel this negativity melt in the hands of the group. We’d end our confessional with an affirmation about choosing to LIVE from the light within ourselves. The following month as part of the training, we did a firewalk, something in my wildest dreams I never thought I’d do. Both of these experiences were among the most cathartic experiences of my life. They taught me that life is truly mind over matter. Through them, I came to understand that being a highly sensitive person is a gift beyond measure. It’s sometimes painful, no doubt, but by claiming our essence we bring a quiet power to the world and a deep peace to ourselves, and that’s a truly awesome thing! I believe that highly sensitive people are to be the way-showers of the world, and above all else we are each meant to shine our light into this sometimes crazy and infinitely beautiful world of ours. So, if you think that being a highly sensitive person is some sort of cruel cosmic joke, trust me, it isn’t. Once we get our feet under us as we’re doing now, WE WILL CHANGE OUR WORLD. So go out and SHINE!!!!!

  4. What a timely post. To answer your questions, I do feel I’m evolving, and I’m feeling my way into it all. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed it seems to be happening with other sensitives, too, who are writing and thinking differently – not just talking about sensitivity, but living into it and out from it. Something is definitely shifting.

  5. Jenna, the Sensitivity 3.0 work is exactly what I need. I am continuously learning more about myself and learning to accept myself. My confidence is improving everyday and for the first time in a long time, I like me. Reading your newsletter and blog are really helpful. Can’t wait for your 3.0 offerings.

  6. This is a great paradigm shift, Jenna. I’m excited where it will lead for you and your work, and where it will take me as a sensitive, as well. The part I appreciate most is that I think quite often with individuals or groups who identify with some sort of “special” trait–sometimes even something that is called a disability–the tendency can be to focus on the special characteristic as a liability, and to become caught in a “woe is me” cycle that uses the special characteristic as an excuse NOT to do things. With this shift in perspective, we are being encouraged to take what we now know about ourselves as sensitives and not only appreciate it, but to challenge ourselves to use it to our full advantage (and the world’s benefit). No coddling or excuses–we are special, not incapable!

  7. I wanted to share my experiences with 2.0 and 3.0. As a starseed, and for a long time I was clueless as to how to begin to understand my gifts, I spent years drugging myself out of sensitivity with stimulants such as caffeine or depressants like alcohol, and even trying marijuana at one point. 2.0 meant experiencing but not really understanding. With 3.0 it means I truly respect my talents long enough to harness massive amounts of self-control. Butting out of people’s energetic business is respectful while scanning someone’s aura without permission really isn’t. I’m cleaning up my bad habits in all areas of my life. 3.0 means its time for me to take a clairvoyant training program of some kind whether one on one with a person I can afford or at a school. Time. Money. Energy. All precious for me because I deal with some health challenges. When I was 2.0 I pushed myself to be the star everything, to do more than average humans all without conscious realization of the damage I was doing. 3.0 means slowing down a bit, understanding myself and why I need what I need! 3.0 really means to slow down even as my evolutionary process moves along at a fast clip. I might just take tomorrow off too if that’s what my body demands.

  8. Most definetely Jenna. That happens to be exactly the stage I happen to be at right now: artist’s block.
    I’m into visual arts now. I’ve mastered two mediums (pencil/charcoal) and dry pastel. I began about a year ago acrylic painting,
    discovered I wasn’t going to try a fourth medium for sure. I got interrupted by a portrait gift I wanted to do for somebody, turned out
    rather lenghthy task. And now it’s finally finished, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the new acrylics.
    Oh yes, everyone has the same strong reaction when they see my paintings on the wall:”You did that?”

    Great idea, Jenna.


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