What Defines a Creative Visionary?

I’m adding more thoughts on how I’m defining “creative visionaries.”

Although there are many types of visionaries, it’s my supposition that ALL visionaries are “creative” thinkers. In other words, they are ahead of their time and thinking outside-the-box.

Creative visionaries are:

  • pioneers
  • people who aspire to greatness
  • people who change the course of history
  • change agents
  • radical visionaries
  • creative outside-the-box thinkers
  • muses
  • creative thought leaders
  • forward thinkers
  • magicians
  • transformation entrepreneurs
  • people who transform old outdated systems, paradigms, and radically challenge the status quo
  • prophets
  • innovators
  • “imagineers”
  • big picture thinkers
  • idea generators

Amazing, Innovative Art

Just saw this on Twitter via @Kaypearl from @bitrebels.

The detail is amazing, and I love all the “round pegs” and “rebel” references. Click the links below the image to see the full image and to click through to the artist’s gallery.



Steven Paul Jobs by ~dylanroscover on deviantART