Band of Misfits, or Voices of Reason? Guest Post by Kristine Carey

Kristine CareyThis is a guest post by Kristine Carey, an expert coach and speaker with years of experience helping entrepreneurs love their work (and life!) who is passionate about you unplugging from the collective and finding success on your own terms, to simplify and return ease, fun and meaning to work.

I rewatched the latest Star Trek today; one of the things I like about it is the story of how all the core crew got to know each other.

When you look at them as individuals they are clearly the smarty pants of their class. And yet another quality also stands out: They are all misfits.

Kirk is the consummate rebel who doesn’t believe in no win scenarios. Spock, as much as he appears to play by the rules, gives the metaphorical finger to the Vulcan High Council and joins Star Fleet.

Scotty is assigned to a snowy planet in the middle of no where for proposing, and experimenting with, transporter technology that others said wasn’t possible. And McCoy, having lost Earth to his ex-wife (“my ex-wife got the whole damn planet in the divorce; all I’ve got are my Bones”), takes his belief of integrity and doing what’s right to the stars.

All misfits in a certain sense — all possessing the necessary mettle to do what’s right, and what’s needed, when called upon, despite what convention may say. They come to rely on each other’s quirks, lean into the unlikely combination they present, the possibilities they create together.

Who’s Got Your Back?

I’m wondering: Who’s got your back?

Do you run with a crowd that follows the rules and plays it safe?

Or do you listen to those whose voices are outside the mainstream? What unconventional voices are whispering in your ear right now, encouraging you to do something wild, take a gamble that just might payoff?

Be unconventional; look to the periphery for inspiration, what your next, right action may be. And look for those hanging around on the rim with you, leverage their particular brand of crazy, and see how far you can go together.

Question: What’s your brand of crazy, how can you leverage it, and who can you get to come on this journey with you?