There’s always something

A lesson I’ve been talking about lately is that excuses are endless and there is ALWAYS something that will get in the way of fulfilling your calling — if you let it.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who say they will pursue their big dream — but later…

When they have more time.

When they aren’t so busy.

When things settle back down.

After they file their taxes, or finish their remodel project, or …

After the kids die

Have you seen that joke about the couple who goes to get divorced in their 90s? When asked why they waited so long, they respond, “We had to wait until the kids died.”

It’s a great reminder of the way we fool ourselves into waiting.

News flash: This is it!

Unless something truly extreme is going on (you’re in the hospital, a close relative just died, you just had a baby, etc.), nothing is ever going to change. There will ALWAYS be something.

Even worse: you’re doing it to yourself.

The sooner you accept that and make time for your big dream, no matter what, the happier you are going to be.

It doesn’t have to be a lot

Don’t fool yourself about what it takes either. The brilliance of the Writer’s Circle that we can translate for anyone — writer or not — is the power of incremental, cumulative progress. If you’re telling yourself that you’ve got to have big chunks of time to get your life’s work done, I say, bull shit.

All it takes is a little bit of time, every day.

In the last session of the Writer’s Circle, I was thrilled to see one of my participants — who was writing for just 5 minutes a day — say that she now believes in herself as a writer again.

You can have that too — if you’re willing to give it to yourself.

And I know you can.

Bottom line

What are you telling yourself about why you can’t take action on your big dream? It’s time to start seeing that for what it is, and put your energy where your heart is. It’s worth it.

Your turn

Tell me your thoughts. I always love to hear from you.



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~> Ongoing. Mentoring with screenwriter Chris Soth and participating in ScreenwritingU’s Pro Rewrite class after finishing the ProSeries.* (They’re offering their free rewrite* class this month, which is great.)

~> September 18 to 20th. Heading to Hollywood for a ScreenwritingU* event to meet with producers and agents.

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~> Sacred writing time. Early mornings and Fridays.

~> Still reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix with my little boy and Kill the Dead by Richard Kadrey on my own. Still in the movie queue: (500) Days of Summer, Another Earth, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Not watching a lot these days.


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  1. Hi Jenna!

    Super article topic.
    I’m a doer, always getting things started and finishing through. I make a commitment to myself and take it to the end. And I’ve tried to surround myself with other doers (like you and a group of folks in my town who are also doers.)

    Many folks do as you say use other people/situations as excuses to not get anything done in life, especially the things that call upon them to use their greatest strengths. Like cleaning the house – an endless chore because our houses are too big and who cares anyway? The kids is another great example. But what do they have to do with anything? Those kids would be better off if they saw their parents, grandparents accomplishing something in life rather than using them as an excuse to live lives of quiet desperation.

    Or work. I saw so many people throw themselves into work and then get laid off!

    It’s the real problem with the planet – most everyone has been trained to use excuses to hide. Before you know it, your life is over and you get scared to cross over because you feel you haven’t done anything.

    I feel terrific when I accomplish things! The world becomes a better place when folks get an idea and follow through on it. It’s part of my “do good in the world” campaign.

    Enjoy your hollywood junkets! They sound wonderful.


    • Thanks, Giulietta, for your spirited and enthusiastic comments! I always appreciate them.

      I think the biggest trick about excuses is that we’re so accustomed to using them that we don’t stop to question what we’re really doing. Sometimes, we need to just admit we don’t want to do the thing we’re saying we do. Other times, we need to realize that we’re TERRIFIED and that’s not why we’re taking action. And there are also instances where the thing we’re saying we want isn’t as high a priority as we care to admit either. It’s all about consciousness.

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