Time To Wake Up: Inspirations from a Creative, Visionary Muse

It’s time for the next installment of my Creative Visionaries Interview Series.

This week we’ll talk to Giulietta Nardone, an Inspirational Rebel and Fearless Branding guide who helps people take back their lives and step into their greatness.

Her vision is to wake up the world, one person at a time.

Her mantra: “Wake up, you’re alive!”

Giulietta describes herself as a visionary and a muse: Someone who inspires people to have fun, be alive, and be human.

Spending time with Giulietta is like swimming in a sea of beautiful, inspirational ideas. Her vision is to wake up as many people as possible before she leaves the planet, with her musings sessions, her “life shops,” her fearless branding and graphic design work, and her local civics group.

She sees so many people around her who are asleep with their eyes wide open, and she’s determined to change that.

The way Giulietta characterizes the epidemic we face is this: We are sleepwalking through life. We’ve been socially anesthetized, buying junk, overspending — it’s like we’ve become “modern day indentured servants to credit card companies.”  We’re passionless drones going through the motions, not even remembering to care what we’re doing or why we’re doing it.

Giulietta woke up to her life when her local historic town hall was slated for demolition and she was the only one in opposition to the project. Her passion to preserve the building inspired an entire group to the project and the historic building has now become the gem of her town. Since then, she’s never stopped waking people up to their own lives.

Here are some tips I gleaned from my conversation with Giulietta about how to wake up to your own life and to your own greatness:

1. Be a “power participant” in your life. Stop sleepwalking. If you aren’t filled with enthusiasm and passion for something you’re considering, don’t do it. Immerse yourself in what you love.

2. Find your life purpose. Suffering and misery come from not knowing your purpose — mobilize yourself to find it, now. (If you need help with this, check out my upcoming workshop.)

3. Be who you are. Instead of having a “work” face and a “play” face, be who you are. Why would you bother doing anything different?

4. Get into uncharted territory so you can feel how alive and vital you really are. Giulietta loves the feeling that all her “senses are sparking” when she’s traveling.

5. Read.

6. Ask questions. Lots of them. Be curious. Follow your curiosity. Ask, “What can I learn today?” Ask the questions other people are afraid to ask.

7. Ignore the naysayers and keep going toward whatever holds your interest. It’s only because of their own fears that they want to hold you back. Don’t be willing to go along with other people’s programs. What do you want to do?

8. Think outside the “societal mindset” that if you just collect enough things you’ll finally achieve nirvana.

9. Get outside. We’ve become an artifical indoor society, which is dehumanizing. You need to be in nature to feel alive and connected and real.

10. Spark a movement. If people say no to something you’re passionate about, keep going until you find someone who says Yes.

11. Band together with others who are awake or waking up. You are not alone.

You can find Giulietta at http://giuliettathemuse.com and http://www.fearless-design.com.

Listen to our full interview here:


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  1. Yay Giulietta! I love this: “We’ve been socially anesthetized, buying junk, overspending — it’s like we’ve become “modern day indentured servants to credit card companies.” We’re passionless drones going through the motions, not even remembering to care what we’re doing or why we’re doing it.”

    A great inspirational article!

  2. Hi Jenna,

    Thank you for posting the “wake up” call. Had a super time being interviewed by you. I felt completely awake during the call, of course.


  3. Giulietta, you’re welcome! So glad to have the chance to include your amazing work and perspective here.

    Maureen, Glad you enjoyed the article. Isn’t that a compelling thought? Modern day indentured servants. Yikes!


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