Are you a sensitive called to the spotlight?

Several weeks ago I wrote about the link between sensitivity and creativity.

I commented that the challenges of sensitivity and creativity seem to come primarily from the audience side of things, and that ironically, I frequently I analyze hands for creative, sensitive types who have “Spotlight” in their hands — it’s astonishing how common it is.

What I’ve noticed is that for some of us who are more introverted or sensitive and have a tendency to want to be a hermit, it doesn’t stop us from wanting to or feeling called to the public eye — even though it can feel terrifying…

For people who’ve made an art form out of avoiding over stimulation, it can feel like a downright contradiction in terms to be “called to the spotlight.”

Here are some of the common concerns I hear from clients and sensitive types called to the spotlight:

  1. Fearing criticism of what we have to offer.
  2. Feeling uncomfortable receiving praise.
  3. Thinking there is some “right way” to be visible — and we don’t know what it is.
  4. Trying to fit in with a certain image or public persona.
  5. Doubting the value of what we have to offer.
  6. A fear of having to perform and not measuring up.
  7. Being overwhelmed, drained or exhausted being in the public eye.
  8. Feeling like we won’t be able to handle what comes up.

For sensitive, introverted types, there are some surprising pieces of information that can help you feel more comfortable about being in the spotlight and understanding yourself, like:

  • Pitfalls empathic sensitives tend to fall into when engaging with others, especially an audience.
  • How an introvert’s brain works, which can make you feel intimidated about speaking in public.
  • Why sensitives may not perform well under pressure, and what we can do about it.
  • The hand analysis gift marking that points to being “in the spotlight” and how to identify it.
  • How to deal with “tomato fears” (the fear of having rotten tomatoes thrown at you) and other creative expression challenges.

On April 10th at 3 p.m. Pacific Time (4 Mountain, 5 Central, 6 Eastern, Midnight GMT), I’m leading a teleclass (a class held over the telephone) called Sensitives in the Spotlight: How Artists, Writers, Hermits & Introverts Can Navigate a Call to the Public Eye. The fee for the class is $39.

When you register, you’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions for the live session, so I’ll be sure to answer them for you.


 Join me!


If you have questions about how the class works or any other logistical details, please post them in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

If you have questions FOR the class about being in the spotlight, you’ll be given an opportunity to submit them immediately upon registration. And I can’t wait to see them.



Q: When are you offering this class again?

A: This is a one-time offering. I expect to record this class and make it available in my shop, but I do not expect to offer it again live. That may change, but as of right now, this is it.

Q: How does a teleclass work?

A: A teleclass is a class held over a telephone conference line. You will have to pay normal long distance fees in order to participate. In this class, participants will be muted until the Q&A period at the end of the class. That portion of the class will not be made available in the shop.

Q: Do I have to have had my hand analyzed in order to participate in the class?

A: No. You do not need to have had your hands analyzed to participate in this class, though I will be referring to some gift markings and other hand analysis markings during the session. To be clear: Being called to the spotlight by your hand markings is only PART of the story here. You may FEEL called to the spotlight and benefit that way. You may also benefit in terms of learning about being more comfortable in other public experiences whether you are called to the spotlight or not.

Q: What does “Spotlight” mean from a hand analysis perspective?

A: “Spotlight” is a shortened version of the expression, “Creative Expression in the Spotlight” for someone with a Right Ring Finger life purpose, and for the term, “Fame and Fortune in the Arts” for someone with an Apollo Star gift marking. However, anyone who feels a “calling” to be in the public eye may feel called to the spotlight.

Q: How long will the class run? Will the recorded version be available to the participants as well? Will it include the Q&A?  Will there be any written info I can use to supplement the class?

A: The class will run approximately 45 to 60 minutes, not including the Q&A. The recording will definitely be included for people paying for the class now, including the Q&A portion of the class. At this point in time, I am planning to have a simple PDF I send in advance for people to follow along with, though I may also offer it online via a visual slideshow. 


  1. I don’t feel called to the public eye per se but feel uncomfortable being visible enough to market myself in my job search and marketing the business I would like to start. Would this class help me too?

    • Hi Nancy, Yes, I think this will be a great class for you. Part of marketing a business is *definitely* being seen, read, and heard, as well as being visible in a job search. Those are great situations to bring to this class. I’ll be looking forward to having you join me!

  2. Dear Jenna,
    As an extravert HSP who will be facilitating & presenting for the twenty-fourth time (!) at the 24th HSP Gathering Retreat June 7-11 near Santa Cruz, I have struggled with all the same concerns you have listed here for “Sensitives in the Spotlight.” Although I have many coping skills to help with these concerns, I still find it challenging to be “out there” so I’m not sure it is just an “introvert issue.”
    Your findings about the “spotlight” markings on many HSPs hand analysis corresponds with my counseling & coaching work with HSPs as well . In fact a chapter the book I am writing is called “The Irony of the Reluctant Priestly Advisor.” I’ve found so many HSPs are called to make the world a better place and many of them find it so ironic to be a “priestly advisor” because of the marginalized lives they started out living. For many, the journey to becoming an “empowered HSP”, thus a Priestly Advisor has been a long, spiritual journey with much healing along the way.
    I look forward to being in this class with you Jenna. I am always amazed at how you are able to put yourself “out there” with such (seeming) confidence and calm. Thanks for all you do !!
    Love, Jacquelyn
    (Co-founder with Dr. Elaine Aron of the HSP Gathering Retreats)

    • Hi Jacquelyn, yes, I’m sure it is not just an introvert’s issue too! I still “read” ALL sensitives as having brain wiring like introverts, even if they are socially extroverted.

      GREAT point about the “The Irony of the Reluctant Priestly Advisor” — what a perfect example of this.

      Can’t wait to have you in the class!

  3. Over the course of many years writing about creativity and creative people, I have often been struck by how many actors talk about being shy, introverted or sensitive in other ways. Those qualities must be challenging, especially working with many producers, directors and other people in entertainment who are not particularly sensitive. Actor Scarlett Johansson, for example, has commented: “I think I was born with a great awareness of my surroundings and an awareness of other people… Sometimes that awareness is good, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t so sensitive.”

    From my Highly Sensitive site post Relationships can be challenging for highly sensitive people

  4. I wondered if it was possible to download the recording as it would not be possible for me to tune it at that time.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Maria, Yes, definitely. When you register for the class you will automatically receive the recording within 24 to 48 hours of the live class, along with any other class notes I create and share with everyone. When you register, you’ll also have an opportunity to submit questions that I’ll answer during the live class, and you can listen to my responses on the recording. I hope you’ll join us this way. Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.


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