Ask the Coach: On Finding a Manager & Meeting Producers (After the Strike) – On Script Mag

In this month’s “Ask the Coach” article, I’m addressing two questions regarding finding representation and connecting with producers (and some notes about navigating these appropriately during the Writer’s Guild strike).

Here are some of the action steps I discuss in my response:

  • Do the research to find the companies and individuals that are a good fit. (With recommended resources.)
  • Look for ways to connect.
  • Nurture relationships over time.
  • Build your own overall network of industry contacts that may naturally lead to an introduction at some point.

Focus on genuinely connecting with managers you think could be a good fit for you and your work. Follow them. Read what they post. Respond authentically when appropriate. Help out with something they’re looking for. Relationships evolve organically when nurtured over time. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to work together to arise, naturally.

Want the full scoop? There are more details in the full article on Script Mag: 
Ask the Coach: On Finding a Manager & Meeting Producers (After the Strike)

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