Creating requires a leap of faith, every day

Writing, creating, making changes.

All of them require a leap of faith.

I’ve been making a series of leaps over time.

I left my “great” job as an urban designer to become a coach. I put myself out there as a coach for sensitive souls. I’ve grown a business out of nothing.

I’ve claimed my dream of being a writer, and I’m making it happen. One word at a time.

Each of these mega leaps has required many mini leaps.

And I’ve realized that every day when I sit down to write, or put myself out there to be seen in some way, I am taking a leap of faith again.

With every single word I put on the page or on the web, I’m taking a risk that I’ll be seen as wrong, foolish, or stupid. I’m also taking the risk that my work will be valued and well-received. Often when I push the publish button, I DON’T KNOW which of those it will be.

It’s scary.

It requires a leap of faith to see it through.

I believe that all creating is like this. It is terrifying to make ourselves vulnerable in this way. To be seen, heard, and read by people we don’t know who may judge us or not like what we have to say.

In fact, I know there are people out there who do not like what I have to say. And there are probably people who won’t like what you have to say either.

Is that a good reason not to say it?

What about all the other people who want to hear it?

What if?

What if there isn’t anyone who is interested? What if you offend everyone?

First, I doubt that there isn’t anyone who is interested.

But secondly, if it were true that you did offend everyone, what if it was a good thing? What if you pissed us all off enough to wake us up out of the stupor we walk around in? What if it made us fight back against things we don’t like?

Art is a powerful catalyst and it deserves to be treated with reverence.

Treat your art with the fierce and reverent commitment required to bring it to the world. It’s a powerful antidote to the doubt and fear you’re likely to experience along the way.

Your turn

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What I'm Up To

~> Ongoing. Writing in the ProSeries class at ScreenwritingU, which was recently named the #1 screenwriting class by InkTip. We just started a new module called “First Ten Pages.”

~> Daily and especially Fridays. Sacred writing time. The Do Not Disturb sign is up.

~> OMG Super Eight! Why didn’t you tell me it was so good? I also watched In The Bedroom. Not for the faint of heart to be sure. The fun reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to my son continues. I asked him if he was going to play soccer like his cousin and he said, “Well…., I’d rather play Quidditch.” A regular chip off the old block.


  1. Great post! Just last evening I shared something I wrote with a friend who had a reaction. She said, I wouldn’t hire you if you said that to me. I said, but you are not my ideal client. I want to work with people who are ready to face their stuff. So, I plan to keep offending stuck people for awhile. I will say that every time I do I feel a little bad for a few seconds. Then I remember that offensive and hurtful are not the same thing. I say it from a helpful place.

    • Miriam, that’s hilarious! Good for you. I love that you know who your audience is and that you are willing to speak what’s true for you. The right people will resonate with it.

  2. A very inspiring post, Jenna. I hope to create and be successful at it. It is so true that when you publish something you put yourself out there, vulnerable. I believe that the right audience will be attracted to the right work.

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