New Creative Visionaries Survey

I’d love to have your input on my new survey for creative visionaries. I’m striving to discover what helps creative visionary types succeed and stay on track with what they were put here to do. As part of that effort, I’m looking for information about what kinds of specific obstacles they face. If you’d be willing to share your input, I’d be eternally grateful.

You can find the survey here:

I’ll be sharing the results of the survey here on the blog. You’re also welcome to post comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great survey, Jenna. The approach gives me lots to think about.

  2. Very interesting questions. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Took the survey and looking forward to the results. A while back, I read the book “Cultural Creatives” by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson ( and was elated there are individuals looking so passionately and intensely into this subject and I was happy to find there existed a term for something I’d been aware of but couldn’t easily identify or name. Your survey has opened that old interest and I thank you.

    Hope the survey goes well.

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