So Apparently The Universe Wasn’t Kidding

I got a memo from the Universe a few weeks ago (an intuitive nudge) about taking some time this week off, so I said, “Okay! I’m ready.” I knew I had a lot planned for the time between then and now (retreats, bookkeeping, tax preparation, promoting my Voice Your Vision retreat, group in-person hand analysis work, etc), and I figured time off around now would be good. So I rescheduled all my stuff for Thursday and Friday this week so my son and I could go visit my friend and play for a few days. So far so good.

Then last week I got another memo. It said, “Take the whole week off.”

So I rescheduled everything except two so-I-thought un-reschedulable things for today (Tuesday).

But apparently the Universe wasn’t kidding because now I am cancelling those too — I came down with a whopper of a cold (*again*). Time to rest! I wasn’t listening well enough, so now I am REALLY listening. :)

Looking forward to connecting with you next week.


  1. Jenna,
    I am also down with that cold!!! It is a whopper alright…hope you’re feeling better soon:)

  2. That Universe! Gotta love her!

  3. Hi Jenna, I love your “memo from the Universe” …. it made me smile….
    And on another subject, I just saw this quote on a church sign outside their building: “What if God (Universe) is waiting for a sign from YOU?” I loved that … it made me think … enjoy your rest … love, Jacquelyn

  4. Hope you’re feeling well soon, Jenna. My best wishes to you.

  5. Get well soon, Jenna. Sending you lots of light and love.
    I have just found out what happens when we ignore those warnings! I had a bad fall and am now out of action for two months! At my age, (three score and ten – and some) I should have learned my lesson. But sometimes I just think I’m still 22!!!!



  6. Heart_Portal says:

    What I have learned is that dis-ease is a ‘wake up’ call or an opportunity to ‘hold more light’. We are remembering now that we are ‘light bodies’ (divine beings). I find that when I AM ‘sick’, if/when I meditate (divine space) the symptoms are gone (or at least temporarily decreased). My sense is that when we are in our Higher Self or Divine state, there is no dis-ease. Try meditating & visualizing your body with light. Love to hear your feedback. Hope this Helps…

  7. Yes. I believe this too. I’d never have stayed mobile for so many years without having a deep and conscious connection to my higher self. I find too, that being ‘tuned in’ to Nature, and feeling my oneness with all life, has helped me though many difficult situations. I guess it’s about ‘harmony’. I find Nature, be it the ocean, trees, streams, mountains and sky, very healing. Does anyone else find healing in Nature?

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