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If you’ve been stuck on a writing project, want to (re)start writing, or need help getting started with a solid writing practice — this is the session for you.

Together, we’ll explore and tackle the challenges you face as a writer — where you’re feeling blocked around writing, struggling to find time to write, or finding your way through complex story challenges.

There are ways to navigate through and around all these issues (and others) and I’ll walk you through them in this session.


What we’ll do together in this session

In your Writing Reboot session, I’ll help you get clear on what’s keeping you from moving forward and help you strategize about how to get unstuck. I have an intuitive knack for sensing what’s holding you back and helping you restore your confidence in yourself, your skills, and your writing again.

We’ll get to the root of what’s got you stuck, build or revise your writing schedule and writing practice if needed, examine any obstacles that get in the way of fulfilling your call to write, and more.

A Writing Reboot session is perfect when:

  • You have fear and resistance about writing, even though you’ve always dreamed about being a writer.
  • You want to write but you can’t seem to stop procrastinating or find time to write.
  • You’re stuck with your project and don’t know where to go next.
  • You’re blocked, you can’t pick a project to focus on, or you’re paralyzed by performance anxiety or perfectionism.
  • You’ve just emerged from a difficult life experience, and you can’t find your way back to the page.
  • You haven’t built a regular writing practice, and you’re writing irregularly or inconsistently.
  • You’ve received feedback on your work that’s making it difficult to move forward.
  • You’re on the verge of tackling a major revision but can’t seem to get yourself jump started.
  • You’re struggling with a storytelling challenge you don’t know how to solve. 
  • You’ve bought into the belief that you have to be naturally talented to be a writer so you aren’t even giving yourself a chance.
  • Other reasons you’re feeling stuck and you’re not writing, but you want to be. 

    Options — Choose Your Writing Reboot Package Here

    To reboot your writing, choose your Writing Reboot package here. You may prefer a single session, a single session with a follow up, or a four-pack of sessions you can schedule quarterly (or as you like!).

    Once you purchase your package, upon completion, you’ll receive an email with information about how to select a time slot that works for your schedule, and we’ll take it from there. I’m looking forward to working with you.

    Writing Reboot Session

    One 50-minute session
    Phone or Zoom
    Recording available via Zoom


    Writing Reboot + Follow Up

    One 50-minute session
    + One 25-minute follow up session

    Phone or Zoom
    Recording available via Zoom

    (regularly $270) 


    Four-Pack Writing Reboot Sessions

    quarterly to stay on track.

    Four 50-minute Writing Reboot Sessions

    Phone or Zoom
    Recording available via Zoom

    (regularly $720) 


    “I’d been stuck for nearly a year.”

    “Jenna helped me finish my TV sitcom pilot, and I’d been stuck for nearly a year. Her services are great!”

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