My ego died a little more today

A while ago I wrote a post about facing the dark creative void, which was received with slightly mixed reviews.

A few people noted (or responded privately) that for them creativity is about light and love and joyful expansion, not darkness, not ever. Many other people connected with what I was talked about.

I certainly can and do connect with the beauty of creativity at the high points along the creative path.

But there are also days when venturing into creativity feels like a terrifying journey through a dark forest laden with the most horrifying monsters I can image.

It’s no wonder why scrubbing the toilet can suddenly seem alarmingly important.

As I’ve been working on my current script I’ve been aware of a background conversation that runs something like this:

  • What if it’s too dark?
  • What if no one likes it and it’s too depressing?
  • What will people think of me as a mother if I write this? (It’s a sci fi story about a mother.)
  • What if they hate it?
  • What if the ending is too bleak and horrible?
  • What if it is too powerful emotionally and people judge me for it?

And today I noticed that all these questions  have to do with my ego.

It’s my ego that cares what other people think.

But my spirit doesn’t.

My spirit says, This is a powerful, painful question you’ve been given to explore and to answer  for this character. So don’t shy away from it, don’t hold back. This is a gift you’ve been given and you are giving, the power to explore this darkness. Don’t be afraid.

My ego died a little more today so that my story might live.

Your Turn

What are you birthing, despite your fears? How can you release what your ego thinks in order to more fully claim your creative visions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on my blog.


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