The end of the world as we know it

I’ve been writing a lot about staying on course and listening to our own inner guidance about what we’re passionate about and called to take action on. Today’s post ventures a little father afield into a broader context I’m noticing for so many people right now: radically changing circumstances. Enjoy.

I’ve been interested in the idea of the world “ending” in 2012. Curious, waiting to see what will really happen, and anticipating something along the lines of Y2K.

In other words, not much.

My sense has always been that if December 2012 truly is the “end of the world,” that it would more likely be “The end of the world as we know it,” meaning that things will change radically and significantly as we pass through the final months of 2012… perhaps even being so lucky as to emerge into a new state of higher consciousness as some of the spiritual leaders suggest due to some kind of major world-wide changes or events. 

That seems like a good thing. I’m down with it.

As I’ve observed this year unfolding however, I’ve been caught off guard by the way this massive change is playing out. I’d expected to see it on global scale, but instead (at least so far) I’m seeing big shifts on a very personal scale.

So many people around me are experiencing sudden, sweeping change. Their loved ones are dying or being diagnosed with major illnesses. Relationships are crumbling apart and unexpected truths are being revealed. So much is happening and so many people are affected and in crisis. Even people who seem “immune” because their lives appear fairly stable are getting unexpected phone calls that send their lives spiraling in entirely new directions.

It has happened for me too: Over the last 2 months, my personal life has been changed in an entirely unexpected way. I believe it will ultimately be all to the good — and — it’s been darn hard going through it.

It feels like the world is being adjusted — everything that doesn’t support us is being changed or let go of — in a radical, unalterable way.

I think I’m seeing “the end of the world as we know it” unfolding before my very eyes.

My world has certainly been irrevocably changed.

So has my best friend’s life. So has my cousin’s, my sister’s, and my friend’s life. So many changes are happening every day and everywhere.

Surprisingly, I feel 100 times stronger than I ever have before.

My resolve to keep writing no matter what has been astounding, and gratifying.

My sense of commitment to myself has been deeply reaffirmed.

It isn’t easy.

There are hard days and easier days.

But I have this sense that we’ll ALL get to the other side of this challenging time stronger, more connected, and more whole.

What do you think?

You know I love to hear from you in the comments on the blog.




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  1. oh my gosh, Jenna… you’ve been strongly on my mind these past several weeks and I’m glad to hear that you’re functioning with the outlook that you’re expressing here in this post despite whatever it is that’s happening in your life. Did you know that my birthday is December 21st?!? yep — the whole buzz of the world ending on that date this year has given me a tremendous amount of fuel and I’ve taken it as a sign that NOW, this year, is the time for not only a big personal and global shift, but the beginning of something entirely new and previously inconceivable, and not just for me, although I do believe that I play an important role. :o)
    I totally resonate with your statement: “everything that doesn’t support us is being changed or let go of — in a radical, unalterable way.” I see evidence of this in my life, in the lives of those close to me and all around me. …and I’m looking forward to being of service in the up-and-coming-world-we-don’t-yet-know, wide-eyed, consciously aware and involved… I already feel somehow lighter and stronger than ever and am oh so ready to meet whatever challenge awaits!

    • Wow, Lydia, amazing birthday in an amazing year. You bring such a positive spirit to everything you do — you’ll be of service in powerful ways. Thanks for the note!

  2. This is such an interesting post, Jenna! It does seem that many of us — myself included — have big, sometimes scary changes happening. What I keep thinking is that we are all being challenged to look at security in a new way — where does “security” and “stability” come from? It’s not “out there” in our circumstances. I’m noticing I can feel free to let go of what doesn’t support me when I shift my definition of support. Thanks for this profound post — you are in my thoughts as you continue to deal with these big changes. :)

  3. Hi Jenna,
    Its been a long time since we’ve connected. I’m still on the path you showed me through the handwriting analysis, Slowly coming into being. Refering me to Elaine was life changing, and I will forever be grateful.
    The energy of our world has been difficult to endure over this past year especially. The polarity of our world and its divide has been ever increasing. I too have had the sense of something looming on the horizon, and yet the energy seems to remain fluid. If in fact the worlds energy remains fluid, then perhaps we will remain actively co-creating our reality and shaping our future?
    Collectively, I’m not sure where its all leading, and it does feel as though we are in a time of great change. Whatever the future holds for us, I’m sure we chose to be in this time together for a reason. I also believe that part of that reason is to awaken humanity and to create a new path forward. I’m glad and thankful for you touching my life. Much love,

    • Les, I’m so glad to hear from you and about the work you’ve been doing. I like what you said, “I also believe that part of that reason is to awaken humanity and to create a new path forward.” I agree. And I’m glad to have connected with you. It was my pleasure.

  4. Hi Jenna

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my world has been rocked and irrevocably changed, but in a very positive direction. The very foundations of what I believe about myself, and what I want for my life have been challenged, and with one baby step change at a time, it has led to more self-worth and strength than I have imagined up till now. It is a journey, which I am still on, a hard and wonderful one, and I look forward to the fruits of a better world for myself.

  5. Jenna Love

    I’m also learning to navigate these fast rivers of change, sweeping things along, and learning to let go where necessary…. opportunities for getting more focused and receiving quicker feedback.
    Growing thicker skin and a more tender heart… Also reading “The Places That Scare You ~ a Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times” by the humorous and perenially wise Pema Chodron, a
    fantastic resource!

    Blessings on Your Path and
    Thanks for Wonderful You!

    • Sanna, how beautiful, I love the image of the rivers sweeping things along. Thank you! Pema’s book sounds like the perfect one to be reading right now. Thank you! Blessings to you too.

  6. One thing is certain–change will occur. It enforces the knowledge that we are not in control of what happens–only our reaction. We need to love who and what needs loving and there is no time to waste. We only have a moment to create our existence, that’s how life happens: breath-by-breath moment-by-moment. Don’t pass up the opportunity to hug, tell ’em you love them, forgive and pray for that rude person. Love–pass it on!. Blessings and prayers for you, Jenna. We love you!!

  7. Do not worry Jenna the world will not end on December 2012. Everyone soul is closer to each other but it is our mind with the worldly desires who makes us forget it. I really appreciate your concern about human consciousness, in some words you have shown that there is a great love burning inside you and who want the good for others, God bless you for that Jenna. The world will be by the way we think about it and every achievement that we are seeing today came from the thinking of someone in the past whether for the good or bad. This is why we should always think positively and always be optimistic.

    • I’m not worried, Mohamed, just interested to see what really happens. I see human consciousness being forced to evolve in new directions, which can only lead to better things.

  8. Jenna-
    It would appear from all these posts that some sort of change is indeed afoot. I too feel as if I have changed in ways more radical than ever before in my life–and I think the overall theme of these changes is that I’ve simply grown tired of the energies and polarities that I used to accept, and tolerate. Many of our cultural institutions seem to be becoming irrelevant, or at the very least, incapable of mobilizing genuine, lasting change. If these institutions cannot be revived, or revitalized, other energies will come in to replace them. I’m thinking specifically of the current political climate, of course, and all its negative, non-productive energies, but I’m also thinking of long standing cultural institutions–music, film, literature. Are these still part of the cultural dialogue, or nothing more than footnotes to these higher energies in need of outlets for expression? I don’t know the answer. But I think it’s a question worth asking.

    • John, Neat ideas about cultural institutions. And questions. Thanks for posting. I like your point about the growing tired of the energies we used to accept and tolerate. It seems the time for tolerating is past. Thank goodness.

  9. I feel this too to the core of my being. My inner world continues to be so intensely stirred up it is hard to believe it could be so once again. I have had many periods like this in my life and this one seems like there isn’t a cobweb that will be left behind. That is not to say that I won’t have memories of what I once knew but more a testament to the inner intensity of this year and the past several. My outer life has been in “stable” transition for several years and it is intense managing this as well. It is a relief to hear it spoken – some days are good and some days are hard because they sure are; that you and others are braving it out, claiming your new strength and for me finding greater gentleness for myself and others. All of this is in tandem with an intensity to be true to myself that is roaring!!! Here’s to the great mysterious wondrous experience of this time. I couldn’t agree more with your statement – the end of the world as we know it….and it does all start from within. Be well, take care.

  10. I hear ya! LOTS of really BIG changes going on for people I know…it’s like we’re all tying up loose ends, getting rid of old baggage, cleaning house, getting with our best program….it’s like the Universe just doesn’t want to take any junk any more!
    Here’s what I think is happening…the Divine Feminine has just taken power…we women are waking up!
    Here’s a good astrology related article and the HuffPo article she mentions by Michael Lutin is great.
    and her latest post is just this topic! “The Blessing Giver has been turning up the heat on the feminine consciousness. In what area, you ask? The most important of topics for every one of us in these turbulent times: How to evolve.”
    Hang in there. I don’t think the ride is over yet, but the sisterhood is strengthening in MANY ways!
    Check out too…we ARE on the MOVE!!

    • I love that: “it’s like we’re all tying up loose ends, getting rid of old baggage, cleaning house, getting with our best program….it’s like the Universe just doesn’t want to take any junk any more!” Yes — I agree!

      And I agree that the ride is not over yet.

  11. Yes, Jenna I have noticed so much personal change this year. Hubby finally crashed with his smoking and is now having to come to terms with a chronic life limiting disease, as are the whole family. At least he is no longer smoking!! My own shift has been much more personal. Around dealing and f acing personal matters which I have ignored for years. Noticing what a difference this has made to me bodily. Also becoming Reiki attuned, and at last ramping up my spiritual self healing through Tai Chi, Reiki and my understanding of empathy and energy…to protect myself more deeply. So changes…Oh yes with a capital Y! :o)

    • Glad that your hubby has given up smoking, Steph, and I hope you all do well with facing the things you have ignored. That does seem to be part of the theme I’m seeing this year. You’re doing some amazing work!

  12. Anyone ever see the skit on the old Saturday Night Live with Dan Akroyd and the ‘bass-o-matic’? It’s on youtube. Look it up. The fish is a metaphorical representation of my life of late. Anyway, that’s been my experience, particularly for the last month, and acutely in the past two weeks (with a micro-brief experience of infinite love thrown in as some sort of teaser). I feel like every aspect of my life has been put into the bass-o-matic, particularly when it comes to personal relationships. Transmutation/meltdown, and with any luck, metamorphosis. I AM READY FOR A BREAK! DID YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE? All of the turbulence simply pushes me towards cultivating love and compassion within myself, FOR myself, and from that I can offer it to others, in some meaningful way.
    It’s only a mild consolation to know that so many other people are experiencing similar upheaval, and I have to believe that it’s not some sadistic plot contrived by the Universe. I want to believe that on the other side of this experience is a Promised Land of some sort where love abounds in infinite ways, there is profound peace, and an unwavering joy that humankind has never really tasted the sweetness of before. I want to believe that with every fiber of my being, and a lot of you out there are no doubt feeling the same way. A big hug to anyone who could use one-

    • I haven’t seen that skit, Mark, but I’ll be looking it up! I’ve been saying to my friends that I’m hoping there isn’t more — I feel like I’ve had enough for now, thanks very much. And, I sense, as I said above, that the ride isn’t over yet.

      I know what you mean too, about it being only a mild consolation that others are experiencing similar upheaval, though I think in a broader sense that we cannot help but learn more compassion for each other through the challenges we’re individually facing. At least I like to believe that. :)

      Thanks for the hugs! Let’s keep them going around.

  13. Great post, Jenna.

    I can say without hesitation that this year has been one of the most challenging in my adult life. Professional highs and lows, personal highs and lows, accidents galore (hello burn central). This past week, I have found myself bursting into tears over the tiniest, most insignificant things.

    When I began to examine this, I realize that I felt unstable. Everything seems out of control…

    …which is the natural state of things. Control is a smoke screen that we humans cling to, but at the end of the day, there is very little that we can have control over. Somehow, acknowledging that brings me a great deal more of peace than clutching to straws, or trying to find out “why.”

    It is what it is. Today is a good day – and this is a great blog!


    • Thanks, Princess Scribe. It’s been the same for me as well. I love your point about control being a smokescreen we cling to. I’m focusing on acceptance of what is, as you said. Thanks for the comment!


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