The end of the world as we know it, part deux

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about “the end of the world as we know it.”

So many people’s lives are shifting in difficult, challenging ways right now. I do feel like we’re starting to come out the other side of it, though, don’t you?

I’m reminded that even when things look disastrous, beneficial change is usually occurring.

Somehow this will all work out

When it’s happening in my own life, I like to say, “Somehow this will all work out, even if I can’t see how yet.” I believe in myself and my ability to make good, long-term choices for myself, and to get the help I need to see myself through difficult times, so even when it feels like things will be tanking forever, I remember that somehow I’ll see it through.

The right and perfect path

When it’s happening in someone else’s life, and it looks like they are crashing and burning, I hold out the same kind of hope. I believe that they are on their right and perfect path, when even from the outside it looks like a train wreck. Rather than staring overly at the debris or trying to fix it for them, I do my best to view their situation from a place of higher, spiritual respect that they are doing the best they consciously know how to handle their situations.

Love them through it

Certainly their choices may impact my own decisions about how, when, and if I choose to interact with them. I may even choose not to have them in my life any longer, but I can still view them, their lives, and choices with compassion.

So as we see our loved ones losing relationships, not living their dreams, sabotaging their lives, or just plain going through a rough patch, remember to love them through it.

As you see yourself struggling with painful emotions and circumstances, love yourself through it too.

Notice your capacity for compassion

The challenges I have been through myself this year, too numerous to count, have vastly increased my capacity for compassion and understanding for others. At least for me, that’s what this “whole 2012 thing” has been about.

What about you? What do you notice about your own capacity for compassion?

Your turn

Click here to share your thoughts. I love reading your comments and insights.

Also, thanks so much to all of you who celebrated with me for my birthday, in the sale and otherwise. I am grateful for your presence in my community.




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  1. Hi Jenna,

    You’re describing life! It’s the greatest novel ever written, hope, obstacles, tragedy, comedy, heroes and heroines, betrayal, humility, compassion, love. We have smooth straightaways and then curves, hills, zig-zags.

    If it were all smooth sailing, I’m not sure we’d like it. The more you see it as an adventure – a crazy ass adventure at times – the more thrilling it becomes.

    So much of it is out of our control that all you can do is surrender to the ride and learn to enjoy it.

    We are all constantly in flux, even if we appear to be static. What’s that great quote? Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~ Plato.

    I’m convinced that if we all realized we’re in this “lost episode” together, we’d be more kind and compassionate and just have more fun with life.

    Best wishes for your journey, G.

  2. Almost after every article you have written lately, when I am finished reading I just want to say, “Thank you”. The topics have been right along with what I’ve been going through. I posted on this one because I am going to print it out and post it in my house so it can be a daily reminder of how I need to think of my sister. She has MS and I feel like anything I try to help her with doesn’t work out, and it’s hard for me to see this “train reck” as you call it. Lately instead of beating myself over what I can’t do for her, for at least 2 minutes a day I look into a picture of her and myself, where she looks truly happy(rare nowadays) and just send her love. In hopes that some day I can see this happiness a lot more often.

    • Thank you, Leanna, for the note. Yes, it’s hard to watch our loved ones go through difficult times. I love the idea of you sending her love every day. That’s beautiful.

  3. Thank you for this newsletter. you seem to be spot on overtime i read them. i can FEEL the major shifts not only in myself and others but also in our planet. she is most graceful, kind and loving. Others, wherever they may be, may not see that certain changes are for the best, as they don’t see them in their own lives, to understand ourselves and love ourselves is to heal all that is within & around us. i am grateful for you and others who are also aware of such shifts….and the beauty and love within these “transformations”.
    Peace, Love & Light <3

  4. Hi Jenna-
    I think you’re spot on with your view on things. It definitely has been a time of fostering compassion for others, as well as one’s self. In addition to compassion has been forgiveness for me. I had a rather parentless childhood: a father who was a nice guy but a workaholic who dropped dead of a heart attack when he was just 53, and a physically and emotionally unavailable mother whose childhood wounding was masked by alcohol and tranquilizers. What came up for me this year is how much resentment I’ve held on to towards her for so much of my adult life, at great cost to my own peace of mind and ability to drink from the cup of Joy in life…
    It is said that forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, and having recognized just how draining living a life of resentment had become, decided to take a new tact and begin the journey of forgiveness with my mom. It has revolutionized my life in many ways. But I’ve learned that forgiveness is a muscle, just like compassion is. Life will continue to throw situations onto my path where I need well conditioned muscles to handle situations with an open heart. We HSP’s have been given the task of transforming the world by becoming alchemists of sorts, taking on highly charged and seemingly negative situations and turning them into pathways of transformation, for both ourselves and the world. It’s not easy stuff, but once one tastes the rewards you see how liberating it can be…
    Here’s hoping that 2013 brings us all to a deeper level of inner peace, and more emotional freedom to truly know joy-

    • Thank you, Mark! You’ve made some fascinating comments about forgiveness, something I’m working on developing as a muscle myself. I’m with you on your wishes for 2013.

  5. Jenna, your themes of “love them through it” and choice are in line with my own theme this year of stepping into my own power, and TRULY empowering others. Thank you for allowing me to think even deeper about this. Mary

    • So glad it took you deeper into it, Mary! And thank you for posting. Fascinating how stepping into our own power is foundational to helping others to do the same.

  6. I’m sorry 2012 has been difficult for you Jenna. Maybe 2013 will be a better year. My 2012 has been somewhat difficult, but not as difficult as some recent past years. I am still struggling but more opportunities have been coming my way, it feels things have shifted more to the positive. I am finding more sense of direction.

    • I’m so glad to hear that 2012 has been better for you than for so many others. I agree about things having shifted more to the positive. That’s definitely true for me as well. :)

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