The First Step to Finding Your Audience Is A Leap Of Faith

Someone wrote in recently to ask for advice about doing intuitive work to fulfill her calling. She mentioned that people might think she was crazy to do such work. I remembered when I first started coaching and I was terrified to call myself a “spiritual coach” for fear of what people would think.

The good news is that when you get yourself aligned with what you want to do, and start doing it, there ARE people who are excited, interested, and looking for just what you have to offer. You have to be willing to take the leap of faith to believe in your dream and put it out there so that your people can find you. So,

  • Start writing the book (or blog or screenplay).
  • Start making the art, the jewelry, the clothes.
  • Take a stab at a new way of doing things.
  • Start offering the service you know you really want to offer, no matter how crazy it will seem to some people (the key word is some).
  • Start sharing YOUR perspective on what’s working and what’s not and what we can do about it.
  • Be a little reckless about putting yourself out there the way YOU want to be seen.
  • Don’t be afraid of what so-and-so will think, focus instead on the people who ARE your business — the ones who will say, “I want that!”
  • Pick the odd, quirky, unusual, and specific thing that makes you YOU and gets you all hopped up to do.
  • And GO FOR IT!

On the other hand, there will ALSO be people who will NOT like what you are doing. They will be the naysayers and doubters. Sometimes they will give you useful feedback to help you refine your vision and dream, but more often than not, they will shoot down your efforts because they are afraid to make their own. Naysayers often are too afraid to take action themselves, and instead find negative things to point out about what you’re doing. They project their fear right onto you.

So it’s up to you to choose wisely who you listen to, to be your own biggest fan and greatest supporter, and to surround yourself with people who are not just “yes men” but who honestly, truly, and deeply believe that you are here to do something powerful, to create something amazing, and to change the world.

First you have to take the leap of faith yourself.

I believe in your vision.

Welcome to 2011.

If this sparked anything for you, please share it in the comments section below. I always love to hear from you.

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  1. Jenna,
    Excellent Featured Article for 2011! I truly believe it and am ready to take that “leap of faith” here very soon. Thanks for our articles, workshops, etc. They have been most helpful.

  2. Linda Graziano says:

    Thanks, Jenna, for these words of encouragement. It is very much appreciated at this time that I am getting ready to LEAP!
    As usual, it’s great to hear from you!

  3. Thanks so much for this Jenna. I took my leap of faith last july and am now at a point where I want to put myself out there, Kinda like taking my first public step on my new path I guess.
    You words have been very encouraging especially at a time when I have been having doubts about how to make my ‘offer’ to the world. I have already changed my mind once and after reading your artlcle, am wondering if that was a mistake.
    Thank you again

    Jackie Josephs

    • Jackie, Excellent! Yes, it’s an inside job at the start, then it becomes more public. I always like to remind myself and my clients to make sure to have at least one “dream” offer — an offer exactly the way YOU would LOVE for it to be (how it’s designed, what your fee is, where you offer it, how you offer it, what you do, etc). Have fun!

  4. Hi Jenna and Everyone,

    It was great to get your e mail this morning. It seems to have coincided with many other things coming into alignment, funny how that happens. The last year for me has been very much about learning to have faith and to trust my own process, it was a great year of personal growth. Your own journey is a constant source of inspiration and courage, thank you for all the support and idea’s, they are much appreciated.

    Love and Joy To All For 2011

    • Sarah, I totally agree about last year being a year for personal growth, it was definitely that way for me too. So glad my journey is inspiring to you!

  5. What a lovely inspiring post to give one a kickstart into the new year. Will surely be putting myself out there this year. Thanks for the encouraging words. :)

  6. Thanks for the shot in the arm. Great post, and just what I needed on a dreary post-holiday morning.

  7. Thanks Jenna, this came just at the right time. Hummm, it was like I needed to be inspired and there it was. Perfect!

  8. Jenna,

    I always get so much out of your posts! This one espeically hits the mark for me as I am an artist and am considering an entirely new (for me) direction in my work. Thanks for the nudge! :)

    Happy New Year to you too!

    • Ooooh, neat, Jacqueline, go for it! Sounds intriguing. :) What you’re doing already looks amazing, I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  9. Hi Jenna,
    I am in the process of starting a practice in spiritual direction. I have finished my training with an MA in Theology and two plus years of spiritual direction training. I have been wrestling with the name – spiritual guide, spiritual counselor, spiritual coach. My focus will be on honoring the world we live in, how we connect with ourselves and each other, our environment and what life asks of us. My focus will be on spirituality, rather then dogma, duality and patriarchal views. Any suggestions?


  10. Karen, that sounds fabulous. It’s so funny you wrote to ask about titles because I have been wrestling with new titles for myself for Waaaaayyyyy too long (as my husband, friends, and colleagues will be quick to attest)… What I’m *trying* to do is come up with something that captures both what I do and my spirit/ the spirit with which I do things. Something a little funny, quirky, unusual, and off beat… Maybe play with your thesaurus and see what interesting ideas emerge for you? Perhaps there is something more creative that will spark for you… Also think about who your audience is, that will guide you too. Good luck!

  11. Thanks Jenna. Will play around with it – thesaurus is a good idea.

  12. Jenna,

    This post came in PERFECT timing for me. I’m taking my intuitive counseling/readings business to new levels in 2011. When I started all of this a few months ago, I was all concerned about how other people would perceive me (similar to the person you wrote about in this article). But, I got over it. I had to!

    Anyway, I’m a pretty new reader here and this post of yours has Divine timing. Thank you!

  13. Melinda Furcht says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful well written article. I enjoyed it very much.

  14. “I believe in your vision. Welcome to 2011.” I love this. Thanks Jenna. 2011 = 20+ that’s my theme. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for your supportiveness. I am so marginalized it is not funny.

    • You’re welcome, Kaye. You reminded me of something odd when you mentioned being marginalized — the idea that if you go far enough in one direction it ends up wrapping around back to the starting place again. Don’t know if that will make sense. But I think you are not alone and that you aren’t as far gone as you think you are. xoxo

  15. Karishma Gill says:

    Hi Jenna,
    Im such a fan of u :D thank you for this. It came at the right time when I was looking for ways to get myself noticed in the world. I aim to be a singer like Celine and Whitney. For too long I have ignored the calling in my heart and I have dropped everything to pursue my dreams now. I just wana get up there and sing my heart out, share this talent with the world! If I could sing for you, it will be an honour and a token of my gratitude. Much love sister soul :D

  16. Margarita says:

    Happy New Year, Jenna! As always, thank you for your postings and what you share. They often seem appropo to what I’m dealing with at that time. And this posting was no exception! Due to some pretty big heart disappointments, I quit my soul sucking day job, and decided to focus on my acupuncture practice. I’ve been going full force ever since then, and felt especially bold in the beginning. But almost 3 months later, I am still “hustling” to build (better website, blogging and tweeting now, maintaining them, and networking whenever possible, even on the streets of NYC.) But sometimes I feel quite exhausted and overwhelmed that I’m not yet feeling a “breakthrough”! I know these things don’t happen overnight, and I need to constantly nurture this vision, but it is tough! So, thank you, Jenna for your words of encouragement about keeping with the leap of faith!

    • Margarita, Good for YOU! What a bold move. Yes, building and maintaining a business can really feel like hustling. That’s the perfect word. But it doesn’t have to be like that. They key is start building one piece on top of the other, one at a time. And it can help to work with a mentor to help you make sure that your efforts are getting you the greatest return on your investment of time and energy.

      • Margarita says:

        Thanks for your encouragement, and ability to make what may seem somewhat daunting to be a bit more digestible!

  17. Hollychops says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…….words that I need to read over and over until I take action……
    I believe in what you say and am sitting on the cusp of my own soul recovery and progression……
    Your words tapped excitement in me…..deep down energy that has been squashed and crushed under enormous weight yet still lives…………….

    • Hollychops, I love what you said about “sitting on the cusp of your own soul recovery.” I’ll be helping hold the vision for you until you are ready to take action.


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