To segregate or not to segregate

Many entrepreneurs have multiple blogs and websites and businesses.

Just thinking about it makes me feel like my head will explode.

And yet, it seems to be time.

My big thing is helping you get out of your own way so you can get back on track with what you were put here to do — to put your calling into action.

But within that are specifics for writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and sensitives, like my Writer’s Circle, creative destiny work, private mentoring, and energy skills classes.

So I’m working to make sense of all of it in such a way that we can all be happy and fulfilled.

That’s what I want. No exploding heads anywhere in the vicinity.

I’m contemplating how best to organize my offerings and mailings.

Different mailing lists for different groups? Separate sections on my website? Different websites with specific foci?

I think I’m headed toward different websites, but I’m toying with various options right now and wanted you to know that I’m thinking about all of it — and you.

Your turn

Click here to tell me what YOU want. Do you fall into so many of these categories that you like all the different things I talk about? Or would you rather come to one place and get just one thing?

Positive, creative comments and suggestions are requested — and extremely appreciated. xx




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~> August 2nd. Register by August 2 for the next 4-week session of my “Just Do The Writing” Accountability Circle (starts August 6th). For serious writers and for writers who want to get serious about their writing.


What I'm Up To

~> Ongoing. Mentoring with screenwriter Chris Soth and participating in ScreenwritingU’s Pro Rewrite class after finishing the ProSeries.* (They’re offering their free rewrite* class this month on August 4, which is great — though make sure you have plenty of water — it’s a looooong class.)

~> September 18 to 22nd. Heading to Hollywood for a ScreenwritingU* event to meet with producers and agents then staying on for the InkTip Pitch Summit.

~> Sacred writing time. Early mornings and Fridays.

~> Still reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix with my little boy and just today finished Kill the Dead by Richard Kadrey (not to sure about the resolution but I sure love the series). We saw Prometheus last week, now I get to watch the other movies I’ve been wanting to see.


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  1. Hi Jenna,

    I have different web sites (design and creativity/writing), although they overlap at times and that’s fine because your Fearless Why will do that. It’s just that one’s Fearless Why can have different outlets that appeal to different groups of people. Can you do one umbrella site? Yes, you could have different entry points on the first page.

    I’m into a lot of things – creative folks will always be starting something new, so it’s normal for someone like you to be starting new ventures.


    • I like the different entry points idea and I totally agree with you about the umbrella idea and the Fearless Why. Somewhere in all this it will come together. Thanks!

  2. I struggle with the same thing. Creatively, I can either write or create art, but I have a difficult time integrating the two. When I’m most successful is when I can draw inspiration for both simultaneously from those things I do to stimulate my passions and thinking. I found that photography – my own or that of others – was the catalyst. I view hundreds of photos practically every day and take a few hundred of my own when I have the energy. Sometimes, they inspire writing, at other times, they inspire art. On some rare occasions, they inspire both. The photography gives me a focus for my intuitions as a complete integrated person rather than simply as a writer or an artist.

    All of this is to point out that the common denominator between the two things I love the most is me – the whole me. As tempting as it is to carve ourselves and others up into neat lists of categories, the human being is a holistic creature. The sections we carve are only abstracts, not concretes. They are essentially oversimple representations of the truth. You can address all of these categories with some degree of isolation, however, if your focus on each doesn’t constantly reveal how they emerge from the whole person and also affect the whole person, your thinking and understanding become fragmented and that fragmentation determines your communication of it. In other words, segregation in your mind creates segregation in your communication which, all in all, creates a false picture of a human being. That false picture is then painted in the minds of those who read or hear what you have to say.

    You have to integrate, not segregate.

    Hope this helps in some small way.

    • I love that, Ric. And that’s exactly WHY I haven’t tried to segregate things but rather to integrate them. I very much believe in a whole person/whole creature philosophy. And, at the same time, I don’t want to be confusing to people who are interested in my work, you know? I’ll find my way. And I thank you so much for your thoughts, caring, and input. Deliciously appreciated. xx

  3. Hi Jenna,
    I like the integrated site as-is. So many of the topics apply to me that I like hearing about all of them!

  4. Steven Goldhar says:

    Generally speaking, the more integrated approach is a lot better for many reasons. The exception is if you have a content that is very different or made for a different type of audience.

    • Yep, I agree, Steven. And there’s a lot of overlap in what I do for my different audiences — writers, creatives, sensitives, entrepreneurs — but there are areas that don’t overlap as well, and I don’t want to be too confusing about all the various offerings, you know? Thanks for posting. I appreciate your feedback very much!

  5. I vote for integrated, Jenna. I’m interested in everything you’re doing. I don’t find it confusing at all.

  6. Lauren R says:

    I’m all for an integrated website that maybe offers different pages for the various categories. Several of your categories are crossovers for me, so I like the “one-stop-shopping” website. For many, the different subjects are inter-related and feed off each other. In the future, I know I will be interested in your other subjects, esp. Sensitives. I believe that each category offers residual opportunities, as well as exploration of other areas. Because your service s creates a dynamic arena for growth, many of your clients may expand into other areas of life coaching as they grow. I don’t think will people will be confused by other offerings/areas, in fact, I think they’ll be more apt to explore your other offerings. Couldn’t you do “sections” to your website with drop down menus that get more specific in each category?

    • I like the “one stop shopping” comment. That’s great. Lots of support for integration, I appreciate it!

      You’re totally right, the categories have lots of crossovers. Sections is a good idea too. Thank you so much, Lauren. :)

  7. Sandy Edwards says:


    Thanks for asking! It is interesting to think about and also read others responses. For me, it was only when I tried to integrate all my businesses under one umbrella that they started overwhelming me (possibly because in my case each stand alone business was perceived as a “small business” which provided some shield for me to expand or stay still as needed without external pressures, whereas the larger concept was not perceived in the same way and suddenly outside expectations and pace seemed unreasonable for what I was willing to do single-handedly) and making me feel like I was “on” all the time. Which, however, is not to say that your business concepts or even your goals would be the same as mine had been, just that it did shift things for me in a way that seemed less focused on my vision than when everything had been segregated.
    Having said that, I have come to realize that it really doesn’t matter what others think or even experience, as much as what the business owner herself envisions and embraces. I don’t think there is a right or wrong (or better or worse) here except if it feels right or wrong (or better or worse) to YOU. When the business vision is clear and congruent, then everything else slides easily into place…whether all on one page or in one building, or scattered far and wide amongst the real or virtual countryside..

    • Sandy, that is so interesting! It’s dividing it that makes me feel like I won’t be able to keep up with everything, LOL. Like if I have multiple lists or websites I’ll have to be “on” all of them all the time (like you talked about). And of course you’re right about finding what feels right or wrong to me. I’ve been sensing a little unrest with how I’ve been going about it so I wanted to check in. :) Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it so much.

  8. Jenna,
    I like the integrated website with different pages for your different hats.

    • Thank you, Terri! That’s great to hear. I’m started to get vision of something about hats on separate pages. I like it.

  9. Kathryn says:

    Dear Jenna
    I think that for myself I would want to go to one website and have a variety of different things offered. My energy shifts so fast that what I am in to today may not be the best right thing for me tomorrow. I do tend to stick to similar modes of expressing myself however it is always nice to travel outside my own comfort zone at times. If you have different modalities to offer with a common thread that runs through them all then it makes sense to me to have one web site. One web site would allow for many individuals with unique and different talents/gifts/tastes to find something that resonates with them. Good luck!
    Kathryn Moravec

    • Good point about fast energy shifts, Kathryn. Thanks for sharing that. And I love your point about a common thread. It is there, it’s sometimes just harder to see the more specific I get (e.g. the Writer’s Circle). Thank you for commenting!

  10. Jenna, I vote for integration, with seperate pages for the various groups – this might help with organization and eliminate confusion for some. I’ve never been in the least confused on your site, though!

    • Thank you, Carol. I LOVE hearing that you’ve never been confused. That makes me happy. And I like your idea of separate pages for the various groups. That makes a lot of sense to me. I’m starting to see a cool indexing system emerging. Thank you!

  11. I like integration, too. You can have sections for different things, or maybe just tag your posts so that people who want to read certain types of posts can pull up a list. And several email lists. I’m one who’ll be on several of them.

    • Great idea about the tags — I am doing that but I can see a way to make it more obvious and accessible. I like it. I’m leaning toward several email lists too — like subgroups for specific interest groups. Thanks for your suggestions, Kathy, I appreciate them very much.

  12. I went the route of multiple websites and found it to be too much – too many different places to update – too distracting. I like how you write with a singular voice on many areas (which are all of interest to me). However, I do think you could have separate sub-pages to separate out threads more. I started following your work because of your emphasis on sensitivity. That would be a great page – go back and re-tag everything if you haven’t. The writing and creativity/creative work/inspiration/process stuff would be another. And I’m feeling like a 3rd page is needed – something with the destiny/life purpose/visionary/entrepreneur/life path type work and postings. I also need to revamp my on-line presence and re-organize it at some point. So it’s also helpful to see you go through this process! A trinity approach seems manage-able.

    • Oooh, Amanda — the voice of experience! That’s been my fear, that’ll I’ll feel too distracted and pulled. And it’s nice to hear that the various topics I’m writing about are of interest. I like your idea of separate sub-pages to separate threads. Okay, now this is starting to look like a carefully interwoven tapestry — someone else mentioned a web. I like it!

      I do have lots of tags on sensitivity (I’m pretty careful about tagging) but you’ve made an excellent point about the sub-pages to help organize the trinity (which I agree with you about!). Thank you so much.

  13. ebenezer says:

    hi have stop writting on sensitive soul. that the main reason i subscribe to your site so please dont stop.

    • Hi Ebenezer, I will, and I do. It’s not the only focus anymore but definitely a key part of it. I hope you’ve found my “archive” of stuff on sensitivity at Thanks for posting! I’m glad to know people are still very interested in that topic.

  14. ebenezer says:

    please start writting on sensitive soul i need it urgently.

  15. How about a Jenna Avery website, with different pages or links to your writing, HSP, etc. Since they are all interrelated, it would be nice to have each subject just a click away.

    • Sounds about right, TC! It wouldn’t take much to take what I have and make those links/pages more present/visible/accessible. Thank you.

  16. Jenna,
    Integrated gets my vote, thanks for all you do–I am interested primarily in the sensitve soul work.

    • Julie, that’s nice to hear you want the integrated version even though your primary interest is on the sensitive souls work. Thank you!

  17. Hi Jenna. What a great question to ask yourself and your *audiences.* What came to me is Isabel’s work about the “True Spirit” of our work,” and suggesting it probably permeates whatever we do. I’m wondering how all of what you are interested in connects to your true spirit and if there is a clue there how to proceed. Mary

    • Mary, that’s a great question about True Spirit. I think I’ve gotten tangled more around the audience question than the core of it. It’s when it gets branched out farther from the trunk of the tree that it starts looking so disparate, IMO. But all of these great suggestions and thoughts are useful.

  18. I like the idea of one site with multiple entry points. It makes it easier for your target audiences to use. Just as your interests and work overlap, the same is often true for many of us. I’m interested in the info for sensitives, but I’m also a “frustrated” writer with various creative interests, so one site would help me a lot! Thanks for all your great work!

    • Reneé, I love that idea of multiple entry points — it makes it feel as vast as I experience it to be. Thank you!

  19. I like the idea of one stop shopping on one website, with a summarizing mission statement and clear directions to the various offering that you have.

    • Great points, Melinda. I like the “summarizing mission statement” and “clear directions to the various offerings.” Those both make a lot of sense to me. Thank you!

  20. Hi Jenna, great question! I have stuggled with this same dilemma in my business and have gone around in cirlces in both my head and in conversations about it. I was trying to navigate a few things – speaking to both individuals (helpers, healers, coaches, caregivers, social workers, change agents…) AND to workplaces (healthcare, social services, human services, etc) – about soulful self-care, healing caregiver stress, burnout prevention, etc. ALL through using Life Source Writing – which is a reflective journaling practice for well-being, nourishing our spirit and filling our creative/emotional cups. Like yourself, I am creative – always have many ideas swirling, product creation, offerings, writing projects, etc. etc. – for example, I am actively writing 3 books at the same time! I realized I was overwhelming myself with the question of having multiple sites, various client audiences – and I stood back, got out a bit piece of paper (18×24 inches) and started mind mapping the essence of my work and who I am here to serve and what specific problems I help them with – in that process, while diversity still appeared – integration and focus also emerged (which are always very nice things to see as a creative!! :) I opted to make two portals on my one site – entry in for individuals (& the offerings to them are highlighted) and entry in for organizations (and the offerings to them are highlighted). I just made that change to my site in the past month – so I will see how it goes. All by way of saying, you are NOT alone with this question or confusion. Look for the thread, the essence, the heart of purpose that drives your work and let that lead the way. Clients can find their way too – pick and choose, read or not read, what feels most relevant to them – while you can stand in the WHOLENESS of what you offer. I personally am drawn to seeing the totality of your work. In the end, you will listen within (since you know how to do that!) and make the right decision for you and your business. Thanks for sharing. Warmly, Lynda

    • Aren’t integration and focus delicious things to see? LOVE the idea of two portals — great! Makes it easier for people to find their way, doesn’t it? I agree about the essence, and I’m pretty clear on that: helping people get out of their own way and get back on track with what they were put here to do — Calling In Action!

      I love that you are drawn to the totality of my work, Lynda. Thank you!

  21. Wow lots of responses.

    I’d say to keep everything connected. Since you are at the source of all these activities, they are like aspects of you. If I’m interested in one subject you are involved in, I would be curious to know your other aspects as well. And I may also share both those interests.

    Maybe like a spiders web? what’s at the center and then what spirals out.


    • Thank you, Kaye! I love your idea of a spiderweb. I mentioned it in a response to someone above. All this is DEFINITELY interwoven. :)

  22. Ann Hodges says:

    Hi Jenna…I am in the process of creating my website and, like you, have several different foci. I plan to have one website and incorporate individual pages for each focus, using tags in my posts so they archive by topic. I think you could easily do that, and it seems to be what most people are recommending to you. All of your work is inter-related, and I believe each piece strenthens the others, so I would respectfully suggest maintaining integration while simultaneously beefing up the graphic or visual representation of each piece so a visitor to your website can easily follow his or her topic of interest. Cross-referencing your posts will keep visitors at your site longer, browsing and learning about everything you have to offer. Hope this is helpful to you.

    • Thanks, Ann, I appreciate your thoughts very much. Yep, I have tags on my posts and if someone clicks on them, they can pull up an archive of all those — but I think the key is going to be to add some specific pages for those topics so they don’t even have to be clicked. I like your idea beefing it up on the visual/graphic side to stand out more clearly. Thanks!

  23. Carol Schalla says:

    Dear Jenna,

    I haven’t been in touch for a long time but would rather not lose contact with you altogether. But I find only one area applies to me – your work having to do with being highly sensitive. I am not a writer or an entrepreneur. Sometimes the first thing I see in your emails is about writing, so I don’t go further. So, maybe sometimes I do get a little lost in the content. I would still like to hear the things you have to say about being HS! I hope this isn’t too confusing and helps a little! Sincerely, Carol

    • Dear Carol, What a pleasure to hear from you! I’m so grateful for your input and I love having your perspective. I want to encourage you to read past the “writing” because I’m making an effort to generalize the learning from the writing to the broader perspective about living lives that feel fulfilling and help us achieve our dreams, whether we are writers or not. And, I really hear you about wanting more sensitive-friendly things. So I’m going to make a special mailing list for sensitives so that when I’m writing about and announcing special sensitive-related topics, you’ll be sure to know about them. Hopefully this will cover all the bases in a useful and not too confusing way. Thanks again! It’s always so wonderful to connect with you.

  24. Anna Urrea says:

    Jenna, thanks for giving me the opportunity to think about this question and to read the informative and inspiring comments from all your readers.
    I love getting “lost” a little in your website and I have read items I had not intended to read only to discover something useful I did not even know I wanted to know! I am not a writer – yet – but having read many of your posts for writers, they speak to some part of me that may emerge in some form in the future AND some of the things you say to your writers I have found applicable to my own life as “growing individual”.
    So I vote along with others who have said – one website with different options.
    One principle I have been finding useful recently: When getting too SPECIFIC is uncomfortable, return to a more comfortable GENERAL perspective. Then take only the specific steps that feel comfy and let them build naturally.
    I started with your HSP work and have loved growing into the life purpose work as you have evolved into that. I love being able to review the HSP pieces from years past. They now have new meaning for me based on my experiences since reading them years ago.
    Thank you for your incredible energy and generosity!

    • Dear Anna, Thank you very much for your comment and for your support and interest. You are so right — much of what I do translates into many areas, which is why I have been loathe to separate it, but I’ve wanted to find a way to make sense of it that works for my audience too. I love your principle too. Thank you!!

  25. Hi Jenna,

    As a creative, sensitive entrepreneur myself, I would love to find all the information under the same roof! Our attention is already requested and spread everywhere! So I vote for one website with different, well-defined sections for each category :-)

    • Hi Julie, great comments and very helpful. I agree — clear, well-defined sections for each category seems to be the ticket. Thank you!

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