When you’re dragging your feet around being seen by your audience, remember this

If you know you are meant to be in front of an audience, sharing your creative work, but you’re dragging your feet about it, I want to remind you of something.

Your call to the spotlight is not optional.

It’s not going to work if you do it halfway, like never quite finishing the book and getting it published, designing the talks but never delivering them, or writing the blog posts but never pressing the publish button.

Here’s why: Your soul won’t let you get away with it.

I see the tug of war over being seen publicly as a battle between your soul’s deeper knowing and your inner critic’s limiting beliefs.

Who do you want to win?

The cost of listening to your inner critic, the one that says it isn’t safe, that you’ll make a fool of yourself, that people won’t like what you say, or that you have nothing new to say, is that your soul will be unfulfilled.

To be more specific, your level of happiness, satisfaction, and sense of fulfillment in your life is directly connected to the degree to which you are doing what you were put here to do.

So if you have a call to the spotlight (or to anything, for that matter) — regardless of how much you dread it — you’re not going to feel complete until you do it.

I can tell you truly that I have never been happier than I am now with all the writing and speaking I’m doing.

I can also tell you that I have never been more scared. But despite the fear, it feels right, and that’s how I know I’m on the right track.

Your turn

What calling are you avoiding or not embracing as much as you truly know you want to?
Tell us in the comments.

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Coming Attractions

~> May 1st to June 5th. My new Spotlight Study Group for sensitives, artists and hermit types who are ready to take their call to the spotlight more seriously and clear up the obstacles getting in their way. One spot left. Details.

~> May 10th. Last day to register for the next 4-week session of my “Just Do The Writing” Accountability Circle. This is for writers who want help staying on track and consistent about doing their writing, day in and day out. Details.


What I'm Up To

~> Ongoing. Writing in the ProSeries class at ScreenwritingU. Now we’re working on our query letters so we can start promoting our scripts.

~> June 12th to 15th. Heading to Hollywood for a ScreenwritingU event to meet with producers and agents. Can’t wait!

~> Sacred writing time. Early mornings and Fridays.

~> Still reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my boy. I’ve been keeping up with Castle and Once Upon a Time while I’m waiting for Downton Abbey to be available again. Oh, and waiting with baited breath for Avengers Assemble. Can’t wait to see Joss Whedon working his magic with superheros!




  1. Hi Jenna,

    I need to do more speaking as well. Emailed someone today and will get those creativity letters off by the end of the week. Been trying to save our prehistoric cave but they’ve pretty much killed it. Amazing what folks will do to something so beautiful and harmless to prove they are not going to back down from a bunch of “tree huggers.”

    Your screenwriting stuff sounds fab. Am back working on my book! may even rejoin the writing circle for a month to get more info on it.


  2. I actually took a pretty big step last week, and launched my blog. I feel both fearful and elated, exactly as you spoke about in your article. I actually do quite a bit of speaking and presenting, but this is different because it is my own content that I believe in deeply. I will keep working on my writing (blog and novel), and keep trusting in the growth process I am experiencing. I sometimes get frustrated because it seems like everything takes so long, but I have to take a step back and realize that 1) I still have a full time job, so I have to be realistic 2) I am in the process of growing so I will be ready for more. I have reached the point where I realize that my spirit has outgrown the life I have created, but this transition will happen in its own time.

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