Why I love laser coaching

I was thinking yesterday about the laser coaching call-in hours I hold twice a month and why I love them so much. Even on days when no one calls in, I feel good about holding the space for people to get their questions answered. And the days when many people call in are tons of fun.

See, I love answering questions.

Whether it’s about how to get a blog set up, design a marketing campaign, get unstuck with your writing, develop your creative skills, or master your high sensitivity, I adore helping people solve problems. Giulietta once called me an “intuitive troubleshooter,” which is darned accurate. I seem to have a knack for solving problems and I love doing it.

What is laser coaching?

Laser coaching is particularly fun because we have a short time set aside for each person, about 10 minutes (hence the name “laser,” which implies highly focused). I hold call in hours — a bit like office hours on a college campus — where people call in and talk to me privately to get my take on the particular challenge.

How we accomplish so much

Although many people doubt what can be accomplished in 10 minutes, they are surprised by what we’re able to get done.

Here’s the reason.

When my clients know that we’ll be working efficiently, they (usually) come prepared with specific questions that we can answer rapid fire. Even if it’s something deeply personal, we’re able to crack the shell open to see what’s inside. And sometimes I think people feel safer knowing we’ll only have a short time to address something; they know they can come back to it when they’re ready.

On the other hand, I’ve had plenty of clients “show up” for laser coaching without a specific question. Those conversations are just as fruitful in most cases, because even if my client doesn’t have something specific on their mind, usually there is something lurking around beneath the surface that 1) they aren’t aware of, or 2) they are discounting as not being a “good enough” topic for laser coaching. (There’s no such thing, in my book.)

Your turn

What is something you just LOVE doing and have a knack for? How could you create more of that in your life experience? Let us know in the comments.

Right now, I’m brainstorming about more ways I can create opportunities for me to answer your questions because it really is a ton of fun.

Have a lovely day!




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  1. Hi Jenna,
    Thanks for the mention! You are like a high tech/marketing oracle. That’s actually a neat business in and of itself. Laser coaching calls are fun. Years ago I belonged to a group and that was my favorite part — calling in to get an answer or just support. We need more of that!


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