Submit Your Questions for My March 2011 ‘Dreamification’ Radio Broadcast On Finding Your Big ‘Thing’

My new blog radio show on Radio Lightworker launches March 26th, 2011 and continues the fourth Saturday of each month. The show is called “Dreamification: Finding Your Big Dreams and Making them Real.”

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March’s inaugural episode is called, “How to Find Your Big ‘Thing’ and Get Started Making It Real” and will be a Question & Answer broadcast, where I’ll be answering questions you submit in advance.

Have you found your “big thing” yet?

Have you been able to find and name that special thing you do? That “Thing” that is the container for all your diverse interests, gifts, talents, and passions?

So often we creative, sensitive, visionary types have so many abilities and interests that we cannot figure out how to pull them all together and say what it is that we “do.” Usually we know we’re here to do Something Big and to have a big impact in the world, but it’s hard for us to name or quantify.

I’m hosting my first-ever broadcast of my new blog radio show, “Dreamification: Finding Your Big Dream and Making It Real,” and I’d love to answer your questions on the air.

So, what’s your biggest question about finding your “Big Thing”?

If you’ve been wondering about how to crystallize all your ideas into one Big Dream, how to get unstuck so you can get past your own blocks, figure out how to get started, or more, please post your questions on this page. I’ll address as many of them as I can during my 60 minute time slot. I love questions about places where you are stuck, doubting yourself, or pulled in different directions about your Big Dream. Anything goes, really. I look forward to hearing from you.


Please post your questions on THIS PAGE no later than March 23rd at Midnight Eastern Time in the comments area below. Questions that are succinct and clear are much easier for me to answer.

Note: If this subject interests you, you might also be interested in my upcoming Voice Your Vision retreat in Berkeley, California on April 29th and 30th.



  1. I am facing my internal conflict and fears about “doing my big thing.” My deepest dreams and desires were validated during a hand analysis last fall. I have made progress in some areas, yet other areas feel much tension and heartache. How do I go about transitioning from where I am to where I want to be? How do I confront my fears about reactions from others? How best to own and confront my own internal conflicts and neurosis? How do I confront the fear in my heart?

  2. Hi Jenna! I love your newsletters and have been a subscriber of yours for years. I did my honors thesis years ago on HSP (Highly Sensitive People) as I score off the charts when it comes to being highly sensitive. I cannot seem to find ANY job where I am happy and have changed more jobs than the average person. It feels like the only job I would like is to be self-employed writing inspirational articles about spirituality, which feels it is not an easy thing to create. I have created some writing opportunities but then was told it would be mostly volunteer work or not on the spiritual topics I wanted to write about. HOW DO I GET STARTED AS A SPIRITUAL WRITER WHEN MY FULL TIME JOB TAKES UP ALOT OF MY TIME AND ENERGY? I FEEL I HAVE LITTLE TIME OR ENERGY FOR ANYTHING ELSE. thankyou!! Tara

  3. I’m 46 years old and have held a number of career’s and vocations from working in the head office of a major N. American financial institution to working as a night cleaner of a slaughter house. I enjoyed every job I have ever had. I find myself, now, working at a job I always wanted but never thought I would ever achieve – I have exceeded all my own expectations. My question is – what’s next? When you find yourself in a place that exceeds your wildest dreams, where do you go from there?

  4. As HSP’s, we are in a perpetual quandry about how to balance our needs for self-expression, creativity and career (opening us to vulnerability) against the judgment from others that we have trouble shielding ourselves from. I’d like to ask how to protect that tender place inside me, once I get over the hurdle of reaching for my Big Dream(which is to be an Energy Worker). I seem to take in all the issues that others are having; be they mental, emotional, physical or spiritual….so how to armor my self in order to do the work I feel called to do??
    Many thanks…

  5. Can you suggest how to notice clues to that ‘big dream’?
    I’ve been surprised before at what it turns out to be and would like to hone in on it sooner.

  6. Bethechange says:

    I have so much I want to get done. I’m a scanner alright. I have no idea which priority comes first. What I want to do is in deep conflict with what my family wants me to do. Self-employment is one option so I’ve checked out some time management books from the library. I fear getting a normal job because I find it so hard to talk to non-starseed, and muggles in general. I have to watch what I say. I can’t make leaps of intuited logic about who they are when I scan their aura. I can’t be my true self. I have to edit in particular. Narrowing down what I want from most practical to least, is computer repair, provided I’m really grounded, and part-time as a psychic reader. Then I’m thinking about studying medical transcription to pay for my psychology masters as I already have a BA in creative writing, but then again I have this interest in becoming a paralegal I can’t just put away. I have to narrow my focus and make some heavy choices right now. The clocks’ ticking towards 30 for me.

  7. It’s funny how we all sound so alike. We have all gone from job to job, some of us happy with them, some of us not. We all have so many abilities and interests, but can’t seem to narrow it down to one. I’ve tried to find answers in numerology, Ayurveda, spiritual books, etc., but have not figured anything out yet. I feel something “big” is lurking inside me, waiting for me to bring it out for the world. I’m just not getting the signs. How much self-evaluation do I need to go through to figure it out?

  8. Shannon – I find your statement “bang-on”. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts. I know the feeling of the “big thing lurking inside”. Feels like it wants to burst.

    • Okay Tom– Basically, I always knew there was something different about me, but when you’re young, your parents and siblings expect you to follow certain paths in your life. Of course, none of those have led to what I’m really supposed to be doing. Many people have told me that they sense or see great potential in me for something great. Okay, for what? Yes, the feeling of something about to burst is an urgency, a longing to begin my “new” life. My big dream is just to figure this out. I would love to have some inner peace.

      • You’re really speaking my mind. However – I had a family that was very much in encouragement of finding unusual paths, and I’ve done that, ending up in a place I never could imagine to be. But that “bursting” and “urgency” and the feeling “I’m not there yet” remains – while I can’t imagine where else to go. Inner peace is an absolute alien. Feeling utterly lost on a sea without shoreline in sight.

  9. High Jenna, as usual I send blessings for your efforts. Like Tara above, I find myself in an unfulfilling job. I have been sensitive my whole life, but have this repeated experience, beginning in family of origin, but continuing in adulthood in most work settings of……not fitting in or having feeling reactions that many others seem not to have. My question is, “how does one come to feel that there is a place or will be a place for them in the universe, if one steps out into their big dream?” I feel in some ways, discouraged, because it seems that small efforts to move in the directions of my authenticity have been met by rejections. I haven’t been able to move beyond that anticipation that my truth will somehow not be acceptable.
    Thanks for sharing your passion,

  10. Shannon, you are also reading my mind. Your words express exactly how I feel and asks the question I need answering: “how much self-evaluation do I need to go through” to figure out what I’m supposed to do? I have been searching for the past 20 years and I’m tired! Like Tom, inner peace is alien to me. Also, can a hand analysis been done for people who live overseas (I’m in Australia)?

  11. Hi Jenna,
    I am 28 years old, living in Mumbai and going through a confusing phase. I’ve been a journalist for 10 years, but want to change course and do my own thing. should I start a kitty litter business or take up a job instead?

  12. Hi Jenna,
    I have major traits of Aspbergers. I struggled for many years basically “trying” to be a massage therapist for 8 years while attending various schools for college. I hate college – at least University types— I am wanting to do moer Energetic, Sound Healing and more creative work- How does anyone truly do the more creative and healing work for a living in this economy? How do we break the walls down when there is sooo much rejection (is not “normal”) and people just do not have the money – they feel it is a luxury…How do we trust in the process of life and in the higher power of the universe? It is like I am not supposed to be here sometimes and other times I get it…when will the world go back to being a Barter/Trade economy where money doesnt exist???

  13. WHY is it so hard to allow myself to feel good, period, about my passion for creative pursuits (acting, singing, writing, art…). It’ll feel selfish, then good, selfish, then good…this back and forth has been going on for years & it’s driving me up the wall!

  14. Michelle says:

    HI…I’ve been unemployed for awhile, and am considering going to school short-term to learn a skill to help me find work..I am heading in the direction of healing work, but would like any guidance you might be able to give me….I have thought of EMT, paramedic training, chiropractic assistant training, even working with dying people…I do some energy work, but am experiencing some confusion about what to go to school for..thank you for any help! Michelle

  15. The very first episode of my brand new radio show on Radio Lightworker is now available online for your listening pleasure!

    Check it out here and let me know what you

    I answered questions from Beth, Tara, Tom, Shannon, Celeste, GJ, “BeTheChange,” Clay, Belinda, Kasmin, and Sarah. I couldn’t get to
    the questions from Kathryn & Michelle that came in after the deadline but I will keep them in mind for the next broadcast, which will be
    on April 23rd. :)

    Thank you so much for submitting your questions in advance and I hope you find the broadcast illuminating and insightful.

    Stay tuned for iTunes podcast details coming soon.


    p.s. I mentioned a few resources in the radio broadcast but neglected to mention the links, so I’ve posted them online here:

    Energy Skills Classes

    Six Sensory World

    Life Purpose Hand Analysis

    Voice Your Vision Retreat