Listen to Dreamification Radio: Claiming Your Creative Identity

Here’s the audio link for listening to the recording of my Dreamification Radio show on claiming your creative identity.

We covered some great topics and questions, including:

  • How to create sacred writing time for yourself
  • How to being sensitive and creative can be intertwined
  • How to find a big enough “umbrella vision” for your creative work
  • Getting your creative work into the world
  • Dealing with naysayers and finding a circle of support.


Shortly after recording this broadcast, I was informed that Radio Lightworker will not be continuing, so this broadcast is unedited (you’ll hear me mentioning that I’ll edit out some logistical bits, thanks for your patience with that). It’s also my last broadcast, at least in this form. :) Enjoy.

If you’d like support around claiming YOUR creative identity, I’m offering a powerful class next Tuesday, June 28th on claiming and integrating your new identity. This is a perfect support for anyone wanting to move into new behavior and stepping up into a higher vision of yourself and your life purpose. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!

Submit Your Questions for My March 2011 ‘Dreamification’ Radio Broadcast On Finding Your Big ‘Thing’

My new blog radio show on Radio Lightworker launches March 26th, 2011 and continues the fourth Saturday of each month. The show is called “Dreamification: Finding Your Big Dreams and Making them Real.”

Radio LightWorker

March’s inaugural episode is called, “How to Find Your Big ‘Thing’ and Get Started Making It Real” and will be a Question & Answer broadcast, where I’ll be answering questions you submit in advance.

Have you found your “big thing” yet?

Have you been able to find and name that special thing you do? That “Thing” that is the container for all your diverse interests, gifts, talents, and passions?

So often we creative, sensitive, visionary types have so many abilities and interests that we cannot figure out how to pull them all together and say what it is that we “do.” Usually we know we’re here to do Something Big and to have a big impact in the world, but it’s hard for us to name or quantify.

I’m hosting my first-ever broadcast of my new blog radio show, “Dreamification: Finding Your Big Dream and Making It Real,” and I’d love to answer your questions on the air.

So, what’s your biggest question about finding your “Big Thing”?

If you’ve been wondering about how to crystallize all your ideas into one Big Dream, how to get unstuck so you can get past your own blocks, figure out how to get started, or more, please post your questions on this page. I’ll address as many of them as I can during my 60 minute time slot. I love questions about places where you are stuck, doubting yourself, or pulled in different directions about your Big Dream. Anything goes, really. I look forward to hearing from you.


Please post your questions on THIS PAGE no later than March 23rd at Midnight Eastern Time in the comments area below. Questions that are succinct and clear are much easier for me to answer.

Note: If this subject interests you, you might also be interested in my upcoming Voice Your Vision retreat in Berkeley, California on April 29th and 30th.