Listen to Dreamification Radio: Claiming Your Creative Identity

Here’s the audio link for listening to the recording of my Dreamification Radio show on claiming your creative identity.

We covered some great topics and questions, including:

  • How to create sacred writing time for yourself
  • How to being sensitive and creative can be intertwined
  • How to find a big enough “umbrella vision” for your creative work
  • Getting your creative work into the world
  • Dealing with naysayers and finding a circle of support.


Shortly after recording this broadcast, I was informed that Radio Lightworker will not be continuing, so this broadcast is unedited (you’ll hear me mentioning that I’ll edit out some logistical bits, thanks for your patience with that). It’s also my last broadcast, at least in this form. :) Enjoy.

If you’d like support around claiming YOUR creative identity, I’m offering a powerful class next Tuesday, June 28th on claiming and integrating your new identity. This is a perfect support for anyone wanting to move into new behavior and stepping up into a higher vision of yourself and your life purpose. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!


  1. I enjoyed listening to your ‘Claiming Your Creative Identity’ audio. I will have to listen to it again ;o) I find I prioritize my life to what keeps a roof over my head, and that I do not enjoy that work (the one that brings home the paycheck), I feel like I am in prison during my work hours. I often joke a job is a situation where you pick your jailer. I also note that my job takes soooooo many hours from my day / week that I find I am exhausted or uninterested in my creative pursuits, even though I know they will bring me much happiness and satisfaction. By the time I’m done with household chores I just need time to relax (yes I am HSP). So how does one switch modes, and gain clarity and energy to do the things in life that bring joy, through creativity, and still do the things in life that bring in money during the transition period, which I assume lasts a while (years????). This single lady wants to enjoy herself and keep a roof over her head ;o)

    • Deanna, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been giving a lot of thought to “easier day jobs” lately — I know how hard it is to pursue your creative ventures when you are burned out and exhausted. And the mode switching is a big deal. I’m finding it really helpful to have my “sacred writing time” where NOTHING else is allowed to interfere. Period.

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