Ask the Coach: Deciding Between Writing Ideas + How to Edit & Get Feedback – On Script Mag

In this month’s “Ask the Coach” article, I’m responding to two questions about choosing projects and getting feedback.

“I have four different topics that intrigue me. All could be short non-fiction books. How do I commit to one? It seems like each day a different one appeals more. I start on one, then wonder if another would be easier or more fun.”

Here are the main ideas I discuss in my response:

  • Reflecting on what kind of writer you are, and the kinds of challenges you face.
  • The “grass is greener” feeling 
  • Using your inner knowing to pick the project you want to work on first
  • Using “decision criteria” to identify a list of criteria to litmus test your writing choice. 

And this is the second question I answered:

“What do you do after you have finished writing your script — how to edit, get feedback, etc.?”

Here are the steps I suggest in my response:

  1. Set your script aside for at least a few days.
  2. Read through your draft and make notes.
  3. Make a short reverse-outline of the script. 
  4. Make notes about what’s working and what’s not.
  5. Tackle the big stuff first.
  6. Correct smaller items as needed (but not in scenes you might cut!).
  7. Set it aside again, then read and repeat.
  8. Once you have a draft you feel good about, then look for feedback.


When it comes to choosing projects to work on, to finishing and getting feedback on your scripts, trust your inner knowing about what resonates and what doesn’t.

Want the full scoop? There are more details in the full article on Script Mag: 
Ask the Coach: Deciding Between Writing Ideas + How to Edit & Get Feedback

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