How to Say What You Do, and Why It’s Key to Doing Your Calling

A Conversation with Jenna Avery and Isabel Parlett

Without the right words, it’s hard to make “the big thing you’re here to do” come to life. It’s hard to hold on to your own focus and clarity, and it’s even harder to communicate what you’re doing in a way that lets other people in on the fun.

I first worked with Isabel in 2004, when I found myself struggling to describe my own deep, powerful, and hard-to-describe work. Isabel’s help was instrumental in helping me get my coaching business “on the map.” Since then, I continue to consult with Isabel when it comes to matters of communication as my work continues to evolve.

Isabel has a gift for showing business owners, especially those whose work is intangible, transformative, or unusual, how to find clear, simple, soulful language to clarify their core message, communicate their value, and create an elevator speech their audience will actually understand.

I want to invite you to join me for an interactive conversation with Isabel and I on Friday, February 25th at 11:30 Pacific (12:30 Mtn, 1:30 Central, 2:30 Eastern), where we’ll explore:

In this interactive conversation, Isabel and I will explore:

  • The power of words to make the thing you do come to life
  • The key to having more fun and finding better words
  • How you know if you’ve found the right message
Isabel is one of my all-time favorite and best coaches and mentors — I’m thrilled to have the chance to share her with you.

Register here

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